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Grant Hill Considering Knicks, Heat, Lakers

Grant Hill has narrowed down his list of potential teams to play for next season to three, reports Frank Isola of the New York Daily News (via Twitter). Hill, 39 and currently the second oldest player in the league, is interested in joining the Knicks, Heat or Lakers. According to Isola, Hill met with the Knicks in Las Vegas to discuss how the small forward would be a great addition to New York's roster. (Twitter link).

While all three teams are considered championship contenders heading into the 2012/13 season, Hill's wife prefers New York over Miami and Los Angeles. As we mentioned last week, the Lakers were considered the frontrunners for Hill given ex-Suns teammate Steve Nash's arrival in LA but it appears the Knicks are vying for the top spot given the preference of Hill's wife. Regardless of where Hill ends up, Hoops Rumors' Luke Adams predicts Hill will receive a one-year deal worth the veteran's minimum or a small cap exception. 

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12 thoughts on “Grant Hill Considering Knicks, Heat, Lakers

  1. Mikejames4406

    Yes Bring Hill To New York!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love For the vet

    • Bonton21

      He won’t fit in Miami becuz he’s not a 3 pt shooter..Miami needs players to space the floor for their big 3

  2. baseball52

    Lakers or bust

  3. dc21892

    If he goes to LA, you have to consider them the favorites in the west. Bynum/Gasol is as deadly a combo down low as you will see, and Kobe is obviously a top 5 player in the NBA, 17 years later. Nash will shoot his 50% from the field, 90% from the line and easily dish out 10+ assists per game. Kobe has never had a point as good as Nash and it will take a lot of the ball handling away from him. Hill is 40, but a young 40 after missing all those seasons with knee injuries. He has game left.

  4. 3x MVP

    The Lakers will never be the favorite over Miami, especially if they get 39 year old Grant Hill . First of all , I’d take Russell Westbrook over Steve Nash anyday or the year . Thabo Sefalosha is the Kobe stopper in the West and James Harden coming off the bench is just lethal . Who’s stopping Kevin Durant on that team? last time I checked LeBron was in Miami playing for the Heat . Ibaka’s defense trumps Pau Gasol’s offense . The only clear advantage that the Lakers have over OKC is Andrew Bynum , but I have a feeling Bynum isn’t going to want to contribute to a team he’ll be leaving the moment their season ends. You Laker fans think one guy (Nash) can instantly make you contenders but you’re too blind to the fact that Kobe is the biggest ball hog in NBA history , Nash won’t stand a chance seeing as he doesn’t play defense at all . It’ll be OKC vs Miami in the Finals next postseason so don’t get your hopes up Kobe fans.

    • Jsierra115

      Clearly you’re a die hard OLD fan. Of course OKC has a great chance to get back to the finals, but you can never count out the LAL especially with still healthy and productive veterans such as Nash and Hill.

      • look man lakers are a old team just like boston and slow especially gasol because he is just too slow and one more old player grant hill would make kobe and gasol the big olds

  5. hahaha

    since when do players go where their wife wants

  6. Ft07105

    Since when are the Knicks championship contenders?

    • i know man and since when they were even a team becuase they have selfish players and idiots.

  7. Captcrunch5019

    Is Mr. Hill or Mrs. Hill the free agent?

  8. BoldSpice

    Lol @ Knicks and championship contenders in the same sentence.

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