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Latest On Four-Team Dwight Howard Talks

We've still got plenty of time left in the day, and our round-up of Dwight Howard rumors for Monday is already getting a little too lengthy. So rather than keep tacking on more details to it, let's round up what we know so far right here.

According to various reports, the Magic and Nets have engaged the Cavaliers and Clippers in talks to facilitate a deal involving Howard. There are a lot of moving parts, but the framework of the proposed deal looks something like this:

While some reporters' sources have classified the talks as "serious" or "getting close," it sounds like there are still plenty of obstacles, and virtually everyone agrees that nothing will get done today. The Cavs and Clippers aren't fully committed to facilitating the deal yet, and so many players involved in talks would have to be sign-and-trade pieces that if even one player is unhappy with his new contract or team, it could create a roadblock.

TNT's David Aldridge writes that the Nets and Magic are exploring other teams to facilitate the deal, and adds that Humphries' agent, Dan Fegan, has yet to even talk to the Cavs about a contract for his client. It sounds as if Cleveland isn't too eager to add Humphries on a long-term deal, but according to Chris Mannix of (via Twitter), the big forward isn't interested in a deal that's only guaranteed for one year. As such, nothing is close on the Cavs' end, says Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal (Sulia link).

If all of that's not complicated enough, we've also heard that the Nets and Magic will exchange medical info for the two major pieces in the deal — Lopez and Howard. Both players are coming off season-ending injuries, and if doctors don't like what they see with Lopez' foot or Howard's back, that could create another obstacle for the deal.

We'll continue to track the latest Howard rumors throughout the evening.


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14 thoughts on “Latest On Four-Team Dwight Howard Talks

  1. dc21892

    Can they just finalize something so all the drama can end? D12 is the biggest attention seeker ever.

  2. jwsox

    MarShoon Brooks to the bulls and the bob cats pick to either the cavs or magic…

    • packmuly

      why would the bulls give up a 2016 UNPROTECTED first round pick for a solid player in brooks. i like brooks and all but hes not worth the cats pick.

      • jwsox

        Because there is no safe bet that it will be that great of a pick. Yeah it could be #1 but it could also be #10. And there is no guarantee that there will be any franchise changing players in there. Abd the bulls need a good young shooting guard now

  3. Greg MacDonald

    Crybaby Dan Gilbert can add hypocrite to his resume if Cleveland remains part of this deal.

  4. Ricardo0492

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for the Suns to get Brooks, instead of the Clippers? The Clippers just got Crawford a couple days ago and the Suns would need a shooting-guard, if the Hornets match the Suns’ offer for Gordon (which they will), plus they have new first-round draft picks they got from the Lakers for Nash.

    • mcody28

      yeah i agree

  5. Chris

    Let the Hornets match Gordon’s offer. Suns offer one of many 1st round picks (from Steve Nash deal) for Brooks. They can be done with the SG spot

  6. Mike N

    Humphries needs to fire his agent for even the notion of accepting 1 year deal. His agent is the same D Howard its obviously a conflict of interest and he needs to be fired now.

    • If I was Humphries If faced with the notion of playing in Cleveland I’d jump at being a FA after one year so I could bolt as soon as possible.

  7. Alex in Burbank

    Didn’t Dan Gilbert write a LONG e-mail to David Stern about the Lakers trade for CP3 talking about building a powerhouse in L.A. killing that deal yet he’s doing just that with Brooklyn. What a hypocrit!!

    • I wonder if Mitch were to write a similar email, would he get the same veto response?

  8. Alex in Burbank

    Over at they’re saying Bynum was at LAX en route to Orlando. “Planned vacation” he said. Hmmm

  9. TARNATION! Sports

    Good overview. Just plugged your Howard news on our blog: link to

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