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Dwight Howard Rumors: Tuesday

4:43pm: The Magic haven't ruled out trading Howard to the Nets, and continue to talk to the Lakers, tweets Ken Berger of

12:54pm: The Lakers are prepared to offer Bynum and Metta World Peace in exchange for Howard, providing Dwight agrees to sign an extension, tweets Jarrod Rudolph of Based on Wojnarowski's report, I'd be a little surprised if Orlando agreed to that deal. Plus, it would hinge on both big men agreeing to sign new contracts.

The Magic would include Jason Richardson in any Howard deal, Rudolph adds in a second tweet.

12:49pm: The Magic are focusing on Lakers center Andrew Bynum as their top target in Howard trade talks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. However, the Magic would likely want more than just Bynum for Howard, and they'd need assurances that Bynum, who is also entering the final year of his contract, would sign an extension.

Wojnarowski adds that there's another trade scenario that involves a "significant player" that intrigues the Magic, but the team and player are unknown.

8:42am: There's not "great enthusiasm" within the Magic front office that the Nets can put together the most appealing offer for Howard, tweets Wojnarowski. However, the Magic also haven't received an offer from any team that they feel is enough to seriously consider trading Howard now, Wojnarowski adds in a second tweet.

8:03am: For progress to be made on the Magic/Nets talks, a third team would need to agree to take Humphries in the deal, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

7:49am: The Magic and Nets have re-engaged in talks on a possible deal for Dwight Howard, reports's Chris Broussard (all Twitter links). According to Broussard, the two sides are discussing a trade that would send Howard to Brooklyn in exchange for Kris Humphries, Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, and three first-round picks (2013, 2015, 2017).

Such a trade would be tricky financially, particularly if the Nets also take on Hedo Turkoglu, as Chris Mannix of suggests they're willing to (Twitter link). Sign-and-trades for Lopez and Humphries would be subject to Base Year Compensation — if their new salaries are more than 20% larger than their old salaries, then the Nets would use either their previous salary or 50% of their new salary (whichever is greater) for trade purposes, while the Magic would use their full salary. For instance, if Lopez signed for $10MM in year one, it would act as $5MM for the Nets' salary-matching purposes.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports confirms the talks between the Magic and Nets, but says those aren't the only discussions Orlando is having (Twitter links). According to Berger, GM Rob Hennigan is also trying to engage the Hawks, Rockets, Lakers, and possibly Mavericks. Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld hears that Dallas has been aggressive in pursuing Howard, but says the Lakers and Clippers are reluctant to deal without assurances D12 would sign an extension (Twitter links).


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20 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Tuesday

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  2. BrickTops

    This report is bogus. The Magic are trying to get other teams to get involved.

    • dc21892

      I think it’s legit. As for what’s being exchanged here I think the Magic need another team added in to get everything they need.

  3. merchie89

    Lakers are not going to offer Bynum if Howard doesnt resign and Nets offer is as good as Rockets and Hawks. Magic are gonna deal him somewhere else just to be D-bags and not because of a better offer

    • cseehausen

      Nets offer is not nearly as good as Rockets OR Hawks. Their pieces are garbage and their future picks would be worse than 2nd rounders (years out + end of first round costs more for same caliber player).

      • OpenYourEyes

        Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks alone is better than what the Rockets can offer. Al Horford is a little more valuable, but the Hawks won’t offer that without Dwight signing. You sir, are ignorant and stupid.

        • Are you crazy? Lowry+Martin exp+two young picks is worth way more. Nets fans need to face it, Lopez is 7 ft mid-range shooter who doesnt rebound. Nets dont have the assets to acquire Dwight.

          • lopez and Brooks > Lowry and Martin, but Bynum is better than both of those.

          • Croshow31

            It wouldn’t just be Lowry and Martin for Dwight. The Magic would have a choice of young talent White,Jones,D-Mo,Patterson,Morris,Lamb and whatever picks Morey would give up. The Overvaluing of Lopez and Brooks is hilarious. I think most people who follow basketball would take the 26 year old all star caliber PG who makes only 6 mil + the other assets. Well if the Magic want some rebounding help in D12’s absence they would favor the 6ft Lowry.(4.6 RPG compared to 7ft Lopez 3.6)

          • OpenYourEyes

            You’re undervaluing Lopez. He only played in five games last year. While his rebounding numbers are concerning, he is still a 20 ppg scorer and only 24 years old. While I agree Bynum is a significantly better offer, I in no way believe the Rockets offer is better than the Nets. At best I would say it is a push and it would be stupid for the Rockets to trade for him regardless because it doesn’t make them contenders, and it doesn’t seem like Dwight would sign an extension there.

  4. chris_synan1

    who cares if they don’t get him back, this is like the Youkilis-Red Sox situation…get as much as you can and just let him would benefit both the player and the team

    • dc21892

      Usually I agree with what you say but your analogy is so wrong. Youkilis was injured and he declined so much it left a market that was thin to put it nicely. Howard was hurt but we need to be realistic, he’s going to be fine. He is the best center in the league and every team other than Orlando would love to have him. As bad as his attitude is, the Magic need to maximize their return.

    • jwsox

      This is nothing like that trade. In that trade the bosox had a aging player who was not getting consistent playing time and had a young CHEAP player who was out performing the old vet. Also youk is not the franchise player. The
      Magic have the best bigman on their team who is their franchise player there is no return that will make losing him worth it. It does not help that he is acting like a immature little kid through out all of this. These trades do not compare at all.

    • chris_synan1

      no, you guys are right but just listen to the last part…that’s what I meant they mine as well trade him away it would be good for the team and Dwight

  5. Guest

    Bynum and Artest is a terrible offer.

    • jwsox

      Lopez-humphries-Brooks plus what would amount to three picks in the late 20’s is a bad deal too. Brooks is the only thing that makes a worth while deal but Bynum has more value than brooks. Both deals a bad.

      • Guest

        They both are not worth Howard that is for sure. The Lakers are offering two head cases one young and one old. Bynum is talented but he pouts too much and is one knee injury from from being Greg Oden. Artest is no longer any good and has a big contract. At least with the Nets deal, Orlando would get a couple young players in Lopez and Brooks and a bunch of picks plus they can dump a bad contract.

  6. jwsox

    Wouldn’t every other team “involved” be able to offer the same amount of draft picks. Every team could offer their 2013-2015-2017 picks. The problem is that a team getting Dwight will be good teams thus making those picks useless for the magic, no team is going to Care about late first round picks. The best offers in my opinion are 1st Houston 2nd bulls Noah may not be as good as Bynum but deng is a ton better than world peace plus that bobcats pick has the most value of any pick of any team “involved” and marotic could be legit. 3rd lakers Bynum makes Lopez look like a child world peace may not be good but he
    Is expiring. Then the nets. Who i truly don’t think could get the deal done anymore after the Joe Johnson deal and couldn’t afford it either.

    • OpenYourEyes

      The only asset the Nets really gave up in that deal was the Rockets lottery protected pick…

  7. The Nets are offering One-Dimensional pieces in Humpfries and Lopez.
    The picks are wild variables.

    Lakers should send Bynum Mwp and a 1st round draft pick they’re proven weapons

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