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Rockets Sign Omer Asik

2:48pm: The Rockets have officially added Asik, the team announced in a press release.

11:58am: The Bulls have officially declined to match Asik's offer sheet with the Rockets, tweets Nick Friedell of As a result, Houston will land Asik for three years and $25.1MM. Like Jeremy Lin's contract was, Asik's cap hit will be spread evenly across the three years, rather than being severely backloaded.

JULY 24TH, 11:27am: The Bulls will officially announce later today that they won't be matching Asik's offer sheet, says K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

JULY 22ND, 1:45pm: The Bulls are expected to pass on Omer Asik's offer sheet, making him a member of the Rockets as of midnight Eastern time on Tuesday, tweets the Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen. 

10:10am: Asik's offer sheet is expected to be delivered to the Bulls today in Las Vegas, but the Rockets will ask for a Tuesday deadline since attempts at delivery were made on Saturday, reports K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune (via Twitter).

JULY 20TH, 7:35pm: Asik has signed the offer sheet, but it has not yet been delivered to the Bulls, so the time period Chicago has to match has not yet begun, according to Ken Berger of The report says the Bulls will have 48 hours from the time they have the offer sheet in their hands, but I believe they'll have three days.

5:39pm: Ken Berger of notes, via Twitter, that the terms of Asik's offer sheet are the same as the Rockets gave Jeremy Lin: $5MM in the first year, $5.2MM in the second, and $14.9MM in the third.

3:52pm: Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston reports (via Twitter) that the Rockets will finally formally submit Asik's offer sheet today. The Bulls will have three days to match it.

JULY 2ND, 11:34pm: The third year of Asik's deal can be as high as $14.898MM, tweets Larry Coon of A one-time bump was built into the max salaries for 2012/13, but the salary cap itself will almost certainly be the same.

6:38pm: The Rockets and Omer Asik have reached agreement on a three-year, $25.1MM deal, a league source tells Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports (via Twitter).  As a restricted free agent, the Bulls will have three days to match the offer sheet after it's signed on July 11th.

The offer appears to be significantly backloaded as the third and final year approaches $15MM, tweets K.C Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.  Johnson notes (via Twitter) that Derrick Rose will earn $17.8MM and Carlos Boozer will make $16.8MM in that same 2014/15 season.  The size of the offer coupled with the major payday at the end could make it a tough pill to swallow for Chicago.

The center picked up a good deal of interest from other clubs this summer, including the Pacers and Trail Blazers.  A couple of weeks ago, Bulls GM Gar Forman publicly stated that he intended to keep the defensive specialist in Chicago.


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24 thoughts on “Rockets Sign Omer Asik

  1. Michael Jenkins

    LOL, overpay

  2. hardcoreforhardcore

    Someone should lose their job for this one.

  3. Homer

    3 points 5 boards and 25 mil? comical

    • cseehausen

      He was only playing 15 minutes a game on an incredibly deep Bulls team. He had one of the highest rebounds-per-minute and blocks-per-minute rates in the entire NBA.

      • Emmitt_Smith

        Daryl Morey is a smart guy. He knows Asik is a valuable player. Despite his poor ppg and rbg averages.

        • HaloDodgers

          Even if Asik is worth what Morey is paying him, it probably wasn’t the smartest move to pay him that much.


          I don’t think he had to. I would be willing to bet that most other teams didn’t value him that high.

          I am no expert and maybe I am wrong but that is just my two cents.

          • dc21892

            It’s only the last year where he makes a lot. Can’t he just be amnestied on the final year if he doesn’t turn into a 15M a year player?

          • ManBearPig618

            Amnesty provision can only be used on contracts signed prior to the new CBA.

          • dc21892

            Okay, so they trade an expiring contract. That’s attractive to a team looking to free up 15M.

  4. ManBearPig618

    As a Bulls fan I love Asik, but I pray to God we don’t match…

  5. Tired_OF_FakeRumors

    This will probably be the biggest overpayment of this years off-season. That means that there is no chance D12 goes to houston OR that the magic like Asik. There is no doubt that the bulls wont match this offer.

  6. Emmitt_Smith

    If the Bulls match it’ll cripple the payroll in 3 years. I imagine Watson is not retained after Teague was picked. Not a great situation the Bulls are in. At this point, I feel like the Bulls are backed into a corner with all of these extensions. One of Deng or Noah is most likely going to have to be shipped out. When is Mirotic coming over?

  7. packmuly

    no way chicago matches

  8. BrickTops

    Don’t forget that two of the best bigs to play are in Houston in Mchale and Hakeem. Hell even cry baby Dwight comes to Houston to learn and practice with Hakeem. A guy that size and that athletic can be taught how to post up. The Rockets have been after him for the last two trade deadlines and Chicago would not budge, that speaks to Omar’s talent level. Not to mention Camby will probably be backing him up and teaching him the game.

  9. birdman

    this reminds me of marcin gortat situation with dallas and orlando a few years ago. not good. please lets do a corresponding sign and trade with like courntey lee

  10. HaloDodgers

    That’s a lot of $$ for a role player with no offensive game.

  11. Captain Obvious

    Bulls should match with no worries everyone in Chicago knows Boozer was well over paid if Asik produces amnesty Boozer if its the other way around amnesty Asik simple

    • Matthew

      Asik wouldn’t be eligible for the amnesty if he re signs.

  12. Does Houston have anything the Bulls would want? I like Asik, but paying him that much is stupid. Idk if his offensive game is gonna get much better, dude has no hands. A sign and trade would be ideal.

  13. jondogg2010

    That is a really really obsurd offer. If the Bulls match, they have issues.

  14. Matthew

    bulls should not match. and when they don’t i am going to laugh in three years when Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik take up half of Houstons cap space…lol

    • Cap hit is spread out over three years. Lin and Asik will not eat up Houston’s flexibility.

  15. jondogg2010

    $8 MM/year for a role player, I’d pass too.

  16. jwsox

    a paoint guard who cant pass and turns the ball over way to much and a center who cant catch and turns the ball over way too much, man the rockets are going to be fun(ny) to watch this season

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