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Rockets Reconstruct Trade Offer For Howard

11:35am: Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle tweets that he doesn't believe last year's rookies (Morris, Parsons) and this year's three draftees (Lamb, White, Jones) are all a part of the Rockets' offer, but that many of them could be involved.

7:43am: In an effort to convince the Magic to deal Dwight Howard directly to Houston, the Rockets are in the process of reconstructing their trade proposal for the star center, according to an report by Marc Stein and Chad Ford. Stein and Ford write that the Rockets are looking to clear the necessary cap space to absorb at least three additional contracts in addition to Howard's, from a group that includes Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Duhon, Glen Davis, and Jason Richardson.

There are plenty of moving parts involved in Houston's planned proposal. The team will sign Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik to offer sheets soon, and while Lin's will certainly be matched by the Knicks, it's less certain that the Bulls will match on Asik. If Chicago does bring Asik back, and Houston parts ways with Luis Scola, perhaps by amnestying him, the Rockets are confident they can fit many of Orlando's bad contracts under their cap.

The Rockets' offer to the Magic would involve some or all of the following assets heading to Orlando: Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, Terrence Jones, and future draft picks. The Rockets would also likely have to let go of a few players on non-guaranteed deals in order to absorb all the incoming salary.

Stein and Ford caution that the Magic are expecting a quiet weekend on the Howard front, which is probably fine for the Rockets, since the club needs to resolve the Lin and Asik situations before seriously resuming its pursuit of D12. When the Rockets are prepared to put their offer on the table, it might be the one that appeals most to the Magic. According to the ESPN report, GM Rob Hennigan is more interested in a package of young players and picks than he is in taking on a player like the Lakers' Andrew Bynum — like Howard, Bynum is entering the final year of his contract, so with no assurances that he'll sign long-term, the Magic could find themselves in a situation similar to the one they're in with Howard, albeit without the history.'s Ric Bucher adds that the Hawks continue to pursue Howard, but hears from a source that Atlanta is "not the best option" for the Magic.


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12 thoughts on “Rockets Reconstruct Trade Offer For Howard

  1. Nicolas Cage Jr.

    Does the Houston Rockets have a suicide wish? If a trade were to go down like this they would set the franchise back 5-6 years when Dwight Howard doesn’t sign an extension following this season. Heck if he goes to Houston he might not put his best foot forward and half ass it because he’s not “happy” in Houston.

    • dc21892

      It wouldn’t set them back. Worse case scenario they Get cap relief… Lol.

      • pb111

        They might as well just trade franchise for franchise

  2. Gonzalesv

    man the rockets would basically be the orlando magic .. and well dwight didnt want to play with the magic .. i would atleast keep lamb and parsons .. especially when your talking about well they allready have to eat all those horrible contracts ..maybe they will try to buy out hedo or duhon …

  3. BrickTops

    I guess if they give up all this and get Howard, then he leaves after 1 year, They will most definitely be a Lotto team with a good chance to win it for 2-5 years. Either way, the Rockets will not be a mediocre team next year. They will either Contend or Suck

    • Gonzalesv

      yeah but its gonna be tough for dwight to leave cuase he would be passing up 25 million more he could get with the rockets .. plus no state tax , plus he wouldnt be able to go anywhere like bkn,new york, lakers, cause they will be all tapped out over the luxury .. unless he signed for the mininum ..HERE is what i dont get .. why does he want out of orlando SO bad .. they went to the championship a few years ago .. and they signed all these guys j rich,q rich,duhon, because they have the same agent as him so to try and appease him .. and he still wants to bolt ..

  4. Jscz62

    Lakers should jump in and say plaese take Bynum instead. Houston is giving up a ton, might as well see if they can get similar deal for Bynum and the rest of the crap on their roster.

  5. Mjb91895

    It would be great for the magic if Dwight leaves Houston if this trade goes down because the magic will have 3 or 4 of the rockets first round picks for a few years, so If Dwight leaves, they will be bad and the magic will have a lottery pick and their pick for a few years. The magic would be stupid not to do this trade

  6. Gonzalesv

    man the thought of the aftermath of the houston rockets is scarey ..

    tony douglas/duhon
    j rich
    big baby/monty/leur

    that team actually screams lottery .. i hoep they can make some other moves if they get dwight ..

  7. Guest

    This is pure speculation by the folks at ESPN. They heard about the Rockets following a few Magic players on twitter and tried to connect the dots. It makes no sense for the Rockets to make such a trade.

  8. Ricardo0492

    The Rockets should, at least, keep Lamb and Parsons. Hopefully, they could get Brooks back in Houston, eventhough, I would prefer they get Felton.

    If Howard stays for 1 year, the best case scenario for them would be to do a sign-and trade, just like Cleveland did with LeBron, so they could get some draft picks back.

  9. Gonzalesv

    i doubt they want morris .. but im sure they want parsons,lamb,jones and white ..

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