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Thunder Interested In Jimmer Fredette

There have been rumblings this summer that the Kings could explore trading Jimmer Fredette and that Jimmer might be open to being moved. If Sacramento does entertain offers, the Thunder figure to be one team that will kick the tires. According to Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Sulia link), Oklahoma City "would love to pry Fredette away" from the Kings. Amico adds that Kevin Durant is a big fan of Jimmer.

Previous reports on Jimmer's potential availability alluded to the player's desire for a larger role and more playing time, and it's not clear whether he would receive those opportunities for the Thunder. It's also unlikely that the Kings would consider trading last year's lottery pick for cents on the dollar after one poor season, so I doubt we'll see a trade anytime soon.

As for the Thunder, Amico says their interest in Fredette would be as a replacement for Derek Fisher. With Eric Maynor expected back to start the season though, that's probably not a real area of concern for Oklahoma City at this point.

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5 thoughts on “Thunder Interested In Jimmer Fredette

  1. Richard Meagher

    That would be another THREE PT BOBMBER !!!! which will open up Durants game and everyone else’s if OKC can get him, make the move !!!

  2. jstiles23

    Why wouldn’t the lakers go after him to back up Nash? Seems like it would maNake since. Who better for Jimmer to learn from? We already know Jimmer can shoot the ball, but watching the way Nash distributes the ball and just learning the game from a guy with Nash’s basketball IQ. Plus with Nashs back problems he can’t play 40 mins a night so Jimmer would get some time with some hall of fame players. He can come off the bench for a couple years learning from 1 of the smartest PGs of all time. Seems like a great situation for all involved. Now as far as the trade itself,im not sure what the lakers can give or what the kings would want from the lakers but if there is a deal to be made seems the lakers may be a good spot for Jimmer.

    • Mahe Taukolo

      I like the way you’re thinking. Look, when Dragic came into the league, he was a quality shooter and played great defense. However he was a below average passer. Now hes a highly sought after PG, because of the tootalage under Nash. He learnt how to pass, gain confidence and how to be clutch in pressure situations. I believe Jimmer going to the Lakers will make the Lakers the most dangerous team from now into the next 5 years. AND IM A PHX FAN!!!

  3. sjrapeffers

    RIDICULOUS to the MAX! Salary cap, dude, salary cap! While the Thunder would probably love to add someone like Jimmer – and lots of other good players – they will never do anything to endanger the loss of one of our top 4 players. And yes, Presti WILL sign Harden soon enough to avoid controversy. (He’s on his honeymoon.) And there really is little playing time with 2 gold medalist guards, a defensive monster, and TWO other good backup points. Team chemistry is off the charts and they all play on both ends of the court. Sorry, Jimmer. You’ll have to get a ring somewhere else…

  4. Guest

    “There have rumblings”? Did anybody edit this before publication?

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