Poll: Most Improved Player So Far?

November 24 2012 at 7:45pm CDT By Michael Pina

Now that we’re almost a month into the season, it’s time we look at a few guys who’ve shown serious improvements in their game so far. Who do you think has come the farthest? 


9 thoughts on “Poll: Most Improved Player So Far?

  1. Bledsoe and Jordan didn’t improve that much from last year, they don’t stand a chance against Walker and Parsons, but i think Markieff Morris will be on that list at the end of the season, he’s gettin better and better game by game.

  2. I’m sorry, but who are these (currently) 294 votes for Kemba Walker? How is he most improved to these people? Per36 scoring ’11-’12 16.1, ’12-’13 16.1. Per36 assists ’11-’12 5.8, ’12-’13 5.5. Per36 rebounds ’11-’12 4.7, ’12-’13 3.7. Turnovers are the same, still isn’t shooting over 40%, his PER is still league average, still isn’t much of a defender, so on and so on. How did people come to the conclusion he’s MOST improved, let alone improved AT ALL?
    Of the players on that list Bledsoe is easily the most improved. In my opinion Omer Asik is most improved so my vote went to “other”.

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