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Best Potential Suitor For Cousins?

Whether or not the Kings' long-term plans involve DeMarcus Cousins, the team will eventually have to address the topic. Last season, just a few days after then-head coach Paul Westphal had barred Cousins from being with the team, Westphal had been fired in what some believed was management's way of resolving the issue of them not getting along. After a recent clash with current coach Keith Smart and a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team, one could only wonder how Sacramento will try to handle this situation moving forward. Also, Tom Ziller of also points out that Cousins' decision to sever ties with agent John Grieg poses some significance, as Grieg was known to be somewhat of a good buffer between Cousins and Smart (Twitter link). 

Similar to how Javale McGee and Andray Blatche have demonstrated in their respective post-Wizards careers, a change in scenery can possibly be beneficial for a young player who may not be in a situation that fits him best. In the event that the Kings were looking for a deal, which team would be the best suitor for Cousins? 


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5 thoughts on “Best Potential Suitor For Cousins?

  1. Josh Zelch

    Send him to the Cavs, Byron will give him the kick in the ass he needs. So much talent but such a knuckle head…

  2. My Ref Nut

    I’d like to see him in LALA land with Kobe & Co. That should straighten him out and get the Lakers out of Gasol.

  3. Still <3 the Bucks

    Raptors need them to push themselves into a playoff team with Asik and Cousins down low and lin and harden up top, that could be good

  4. Hec4Mets

    It’d have to be a team that has veterans on it so they could keep him in check along with a strong coach as well. Orlando shouldn’t even be a choice on here as they are already set at the 4 and 5 spots right now (unless its Kevin Love they probably aren’t looking for an upgrade right now).

  5. awmusic

    I have a hard time seeing the Raptors as a good fit in terms of a trade partner. It doesn’t make much sense to give up JV for him. Something like Amir Johnson and Calderon could work (and hope and pray they take Bargs?) but that would mean the Kings are just desperate to get rid of him.

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