Knicks Tried To Trade Amare Stoudemire

December 21 2012 at 9:58am CDT By Zach Links

Amare Stoudemire is set to return to action for the Knicks, but Howard Beck of the New York Times writes that the big man could have easily been shipped elsewhere prior to the start of this season.  The player once viewed as one of the team’s cornerstones was offered up to nearly every team in the league and was “available for free”, according to one rival executive.

In February, the Knicks wanted to send Stoudemire to Toronto in a deal for Andrea Bargnani, according to a person briefed on the discussion.  However, that proposal was vetoed by Garden chairman James Dolan before it ever reached the Raptors.  Unsurprisingly, Toronto officials told Beck that the club wouldn’t have made that deal anyway.  Before that, the Knicks tried to package Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler in a trade with the Magic for Dwight Howard.

The Knicks couldn’t find a taker for Stoudemire because of his diminished production, health concerns, and massive contract, which pays him $65MM through 2014/15.  The deal is uninsured against a career-ending knee injury, despite the big man’s injury history.

12 thoughts on “Knicks Tried To Trade Amare Stoudemire

  1. This is a NON story. Everyone who follows the Knicks knows/knew the Knicks were trying to acquire D-12. This is a story that has been reported because STAT is ready to come back and the writer wants to stir the pot. That’s all.

  2. i dont buy this article. sounds like the ny media or someone who wants the knicks to fail is shitting on stat a week before he is back to fuck with chemistry. The Knicks will be BETTER with STAT mark MY WORDS

    1. I agree, this is BS, I’ve always looked at this as an entertaining site, but it just got really Nat Enquirer. Whats next, the Knicks want to trade Melo to get a real shot at LeBron in two years

  3. Yeah. This is just to distract the knicks. It says it the article dolan didn’t want to do it (as if he could), so why is this even a story?

  4. the knicks cant get rid of stat, we need stat! healthy stat, mello n our coach!! like lebron dumbo said we can win not 1 not 2 but many, many championships, our worst mistake was to get coach d’antoni to begin with,, everryone knows he’s not a championship coach,,he’s teams always choke in the moment of truff cause he ccant coach.. but stat, melllo, felton, chandler, kidd n our coach `we WINNERS’ I think we got a 3peat

  5. Amare to toronto for that bumb believe me that deal would have happened if it was true remember toronto was dumb enough to give landry fields 20 mill over 3 years and the would have taken stat in a ny min the knicks never wanted to trade amare this article is total bull they would never send the guy to toronto anyway that would be like sending him to siberia without a jacket!!!!

  6. And with dwight howards attitude who the hell wants that doofuss if they would have traded tyson for dwight i would be looking for another team to root for after 30+ years as a knick fan.

  7. So the Magic WOULDN’T trade Dwight for Amare and Chandler?

    Just when I thought that franchise was totally inept, they continue to surprise me even more.

  8. I agree with KnicksBrooklyn..don’t believe the hype.. Taking on Amare’s massive contract was a huge risk that has yet to pay it’s dividends but now that the Knicks finally have all the pieces finding their cohesive spirit we can fairly assess Amare. Since announcing HE WANTED TO BE HERE because his heart is in NY and claiming “THE KNICKS ARE BACK” I can appreciate all he’s done in a Knicks Uni

  9. I wonder if Amare gets better with extended rest. He’s got a monster 3 year deal but it is what probably originally helped land Carmelo Anthony. Amusing they can’t play well together. But having him come off the bench would be a major killer to move the Knicks towards being a finals contender from the east, as sad as that is compared to the west.

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