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Lakers Targeting Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is the number one target of the Lakers if they decide to trade Pau Gasol, an NBA source told Jabari Davis of  The list of players that they would covet in a Gasol deal is a short one and they see the Hornets forward as the best fit of anyone who could realistically be had.

However, not everyone in the Lakers front office is on board with trading Gasol.  General Manager Mitch Kupchak is opposed to such a move while Jim Buss, the man who made the decision to hire Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson, wants to deal him.  

The interest is coming from the Lakers, not New Orleans,” the source said. “[Kupchak] would prefer to keep Pau, as would Kobe.  [Buss] would prefer to continue cleaning house, and bring in players able to fit a more fast-paced style of play."

For the Lakers to land Anderson, they'd likely have to find a third team to take Gasol and give the Hornets a replacement for Anderson at power forward plus valuable picks.  Davis notes that the Bulls own a Bobcats first-round pick from their 2010 Tyrus Thomas trade.  The pick is top-12 protected in the 2013 draft, top-ten protected in 2014, top-eight protected in 2015 and unprotected in 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Lakers Targeting Ryan Anderson

  1. not sure why the bulls are mentioned. they arent going to trade for gasol when they have boozer and noah. even if someone took boozer gasol’s contract is worse then boozer so i dont see how the bulls would be involved

  2. Patrick

    Bulls should trade Boozer for Gasol or Boozer for Humphries and Brooks

    • boozer for gasol would be terrible. at least with boozer u can amnesty him if you want with gasol your stuck with him. i would do the humpries and brooks deal which prob means the nets wouldnt

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