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LeBron Considering Cleveland Return, Cavs Inquired On Love?

According to a new report from Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, LeBron James is open to the possibility of returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers if he chooses to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat after the 2013/14 season. Lloyd writes that James is friends with Cavs players Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, and his new agent, Rich Paul, has local ties.

Lloyd adds, however, that Cavs GM Chris Grant is aware that the team must improve considerably in order to be considered a viable option for James. Grant is reportedly aggressively exploring options to add another impact player. Lloyd reports that Grant asked about trading an Anderson Varejao-based package for Kevin Love following Love's recent comments critical of the Timberwolves, but was rebuffed. He has also inquired on the possibility of trading for the Blazers' LaMarcus Aldridge, the Grizzlies' Marc Gasol, and the Lakers' Pau Gasol.

Lloyd writes that although the Cavs are still open to moving Varejao, who is having an outstanding season, it doesn't seem likely because his recent play has raised their asking price and no team thus far has been willing to meet their demands. A trade of Varejao to the Thunder for Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, and Toronto's protected 2013 first-round draft pick has been discussed, but both sides have concerns about the players they would get back.

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31 thoughts on “LeBron Considering Cleveland Return, Cavs Inquired On Love?

  1. Josh Zelch

    I would love to get ahold of LaMarcus or Love, but more realistic option is the Thunder trade, which i would be content with. Cavs need to start making moves soon, or this rebuild is heading towards being a failure. Time to lay it all on the table chris.

  2. ShadowChronicler

    Irving, James and Love would be a better big three than James, Wade and Bosh. Then you add Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller. Unstoppable!

    • Lebron James

      Lol Ok there

      • Jake Udell

        yeah it would because we’d have a top 3 pg, top 3 sf and top 3 pf, the only one who isn’t top three yet is irving but that’s because of his supporting cast and the fact that he is a pg

    • Jake Udell

      wat would make more sense would be someone other than zeller i see them taking a big man in the draft if they get love their pick will be outside the top 5 but still in the lottery likely meaning they cant get ben mclemore or shabazz muhammad to play the wing and the glut of impact skilled centers like isaiah austin will make them take a big

  3. They can get it done with the pieces they have and draft pics just get a third team involved. And they should be good to go.

  4. Get Offline42

    That’s the dumbest trade ever Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, and Toronto’s lottery pic for who??? Varajao???? Crack kills

    • BeardOfWonder

      If the Cavs threw in Luke Walton that would be a heck of a return for OKC.

    • gWizardry

      You are crazy mane! LOL

    • Reverend Reynolds

      it’s basically just the pick..i know theyre only rooks but Lamb and Jones may only turn out as scrubs

  5. Mystery Man

    Lol he would never return get real

    • You must be a heat fan . Lebron is from ohio d wade getting old bosh is soft, and if they dont win this year its a possibility. They have pieces in place, cap space, and a good coach nice way to end your career .

      • Jake Udell

        plus d-wade even more than kobe has had injury problems his whole career and wont age gracefully. Plus lebron will probably see it as a way to alter his legacy, one winning a ring where hes the man, two go from a villain to hero in ohio for doing so, three by doing that put him more in the category of magic bird and jordan by doing so. In my mind as a cavs fan if he comes back and wins a ring everyone will hardly care about the decision in the end. The only thing that would be said is the what if he stayed and they still flipped mo for irving

      • NuggetsFan33

        D Wade getting old but Bosh and LeBron aren’t? Wade, Bosh and LeBron were drafted in the same class in 2003 all in the lottery picks.

        • Jason Saintz

          Lebron was 17 years old when he was drafted and was coming out of high school. Wade had just gone through what I believe was his third year in college and was 20 or 21. 3 years is a big age difference.

  6. Isaiah

    This article is a joke why would Lebron go back to the same people who booed him and burned his jerseys and boos him everytime the heat are in town? also why would Minnesota agree to a Varejo Love trade that would literally be the worst trade of all time. A more believable trade would be

    LAL – K.Love,Trevor Ariza
    Timberwolves- Bargnani, Jamison, 1st round pick TOR, 2nd round pick Washington
    TOR- Pau Gasol, A.J. Price
    Washington- Laundry Fields, Derrick Williams

    • So your saying bargnani and jamison are better than varejo. Get real! varejo just as good as love just a little older more rebounds,offense, and defensive rb’s leading the lleague. Just have to sweetn the deal.

      • Justin

        The OP is also assuming the trade would be a 1 for 1 swap of Love for Varejao… He obviously doesn’t understand that the Cavs have 7 (that’s right… SEVEN) 1st round picks over the next 3 years… possibly 8 (Sac’s protected 1st rounder from the JJ Hickson deal). The Cavs could absolutely package a “Varajao + 2 or 3 1st round picks” package that could net them a big-time player like Kevin Love. Plus, the have tons of Cap space on their books with only Irving, Thompson, Waiters, Zeller, Gee, and Varejao under contract after this year. The Cavs truly are a team poised to take a leap into contention. Exciting time to be a Cavs fan!

      • Isaiah

        Bargnani would fit in well the system in Minnesota since they have a similar play -style unlike Varejo who barely can shoot the ball and where he gets most of his points by hustling for the ball.

    • Jordan

      your crazy and anyways OKC has torontos 1st rd pick this year and your saying the twolves get bargani and jamison for love what the fu ck is wrong with you love for varejo and tristan tompson and maybe some drafts picks would do it

    • gWizardry

      Cleveland fans did that-yes we did. But it was because of how passionate we are for LeBron and our Cavs. We were deeply disappointed like loosing a girlfriend/boyfriend, if you will. He understands that or he wouldn’t even be remotely open to the topic, but He IS! He couldn’t bring us a championship until he learned HOW to do it. He could not learn that here especially with the nimrods in the front office. So, now he knows. Things are different now. He’s the best and hes from us, why shouldn’t he come back to play with Irving (his new Robin (Wade)).

      • Isaiah

        It’s because Cleveland doesn’t deserve him, it’s like when Vince Carter left the Raptors they all booed him and they still do. Also the whole “the decision” was like a middle finger to his fans in Cleveland.

    • Jake Udell

      not true andy is still young having a career year and on a totally club friendly contract, love not so much and if they feel hes gonna bolt anyway

      • Jason Saintz

        Andy is 30 years old and in the prime of his career, he may have been having an incredible year, but don’t get use to this. He’s in his prime and pretty soon he’s going to start going on the decline. Kevin Love is only in his fourth year, not even close to his prime yet, and has already broken a legendary record and the crazy part is there’s a lot that he needs to improve on. That’s scary.

        • Jake Udell

          i do think it would be a good trade

    • Nawksi

      Why would that make any sense for the Wiz or Wolves?

  7. ctown

    I dont see why bron wouldnt come back,he made a promise to cleveland that he would win us a ring before he left,unfortunately he didnt so you gotta finish with what you started,and we have a better team now,as a cavs fan i thought of this plenty of times and i realize if he comes back forgive and foeget,why wouldnt you want the best player on the planet

  8. Untouchable_06

    just a thought, trade varajao to knicks for staudemire lol. I know how stupid that seems, but if the knicks are worried staudemire will mess up there flow, they will have a high energy andy that will never mess up the flow. I’d take amare in cleveland to play with kyrie, and then possibly lebron. Hey why not dream a little right?

    • poop master

      knicks got chandler they don’t need varejo, THEY DONT NEED EM!!!!!!! YEAH MAURICE YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  9. No way he’s damaged goods with a horrible contract. K love or nothing!

  10. heymannnn

    Only way cavs get love is for irving. Varejao? Cavs can jus keep him.

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