Magic Won’t Rush To Trade Redick

December 18 2012 at 8:46am CDT By Zach Links

It would surprise no one if J.J. Redick were moved before the February trade deadline, but there's no urgency on the part of the Magic, a source tells Ric Bucher of 95.7 The Game (on Twitter).  Many have speculated that the Magic will move the 28-year-old guard as the club isn't likely to contend in the next couple of years.

After a rough 5-10 start, Orlando has gone 6-3 and would like to stay competitive for as long as they can this season.  If Redick is moved, it will be for a younger talent and/or a draft pick, acqusitions that won't help in the short-term.  Also, the potential suitors for Redick aren't anywhere near making their best offer.  The likeliest trade partners include the Bulls, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, Bucks, and Jazz. 

The Bulls were interested in Redick as a free agent and Memphis is said to have expressed recent interest in him.  Bucher hasn't heard directly that Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Utah have talked to Orlando, but he writes that Redick fits their systems and/or fills a need.

Recently, Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld opined that he didn't see a Redick deal as likely because the guard fits with the culture that the Magic are trying to establish.  Redick is in the final season of a three-year, $20.19MM contract.

5 thoughts on “Magic Won’t Rush To Trade Redick

  1. I believe the content of this post to be true, but at some point you really should stop citing Kyler as a credible reference to trade rumors. Kyler whiffed twice just yesterday, first in regards to Harrington’s health and second in regards to an Alex Martins quote about this topic (trading Redick). The guy is trying to force rumors, at least as of late, and his credibility is taking a hit as a result. He’s never been super reliable from a trade rumor standpoint, though he has grown proficient at acting the insider part. There are much better sources out there for NBA rumors, and this site would do well to use some of those instead.

    1. I don’t really feel like it’ll help the magic. It’s a steep price to pay for an expired contract unless you are interested in throwing a ton of money at Millsap.

  2. What many people don’t consider is the drop of ticket sails that will occur if Redick is given the boot. If he is having a good impact on the rookies success and continues to bring power off the bench, he will be resigned. The NBA is a business and business means money. Tickets make that money and there will be far less of them if Redick is gone. He is the MVP of this team rite now. Don’t grit your teeth on it. He isn’t going anywhere unless we get a blockbuster deal for him.

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