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Grizzlies, Raptors Discussing Rudy Gay

TUESDAY, 9:57pm: Wojnarowski reports that the final hurdle for a deal that would send Gay to Toronto hinges on finding a third team to take Calderon's contract. He adds that within the deal's current framework, the Grizzlies are likely to receive another young Raptors player along with a future draft pick. Terrence Ross is not one of the names being considered, as the Raptors have reportedly deemed the rookie untouchable. 

8:11pm: Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun says that the Raptors have little interest in taking additional salary in the form of Darrell Arthur's contract, and thus a third team would be needed if he were included into discussions. 

12:46pm: As they try to find a way to land Gay, the Raptors are engaging teams about a possible three-team deal, but are having trouble finding a taker for Calderon, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter).

MONDAY, 7:00pm: The Grizzlies are engaged in active trade discussions with the Raptors centering on Rudy Gay, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.  Stein says that while the Raptors are Gay's most active suitor, no initial framework for a deal has been agreed upon.  Stein confirms that, due to last week's trade, the Grizzlies feel that they no longer must trade Gay and can instead wait and consider more fair value offers. 

The Raptors have been determined in their pursuit of Gay and also are interested in Grizzlies forward Darrell Arthur.  Toronto is offering up Jose Calderon and third-year forward Ed Davis as two of the main pieces in a potential deal.

Stein says that the Celtics have also inquired on Gay's availability, but was told that they balked at the prospect at giving up Paul Pierce in the deal.  In light of Rajon Rondo's injury, Stein was also told that Boston would be more likely to pursue Kyle Lowry and his cap friendly deal than Gay and his bulky contract.  As talks heat up, Stein says, more teams could become involved in a potential deal.

Grizzlies' coach Lionel Hollins, as well as several of the team's players, have reportedly lobbied management for a chance to play the season out as currently constructed.  But the Memphis front office is worried about its ability to improve the roster in future years, Stein says, and is subsequently seeking first round picks in any deal.

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8 thoughts on “Grizzlies, Raptors Discussing Rudy Gay

  1. LordOfTheSwings

    As long as they don’t give up both T-Ross AND Ed

    • Josh Zelch

      Honestly, Ross is prob going to have to be included

  2. dogmanx23

    I don’t see Memphis moving Gay unless they get a SF in return. Looking around the league I don’t see anyone who could replace Gay.

    For a deal like that happens I would think a 3rd and 4th team would have to be included. Maybe something like this works.

    Gay to Toronto
    Calderon to Dallas
    Marion/Davis to Memphis

    A few more players might have to be included.

  3. Adam Gingrich

    This would be a terrible trade for the Raptors!

    • alphakira

      I take it you’re a Raptors fan…No offense but no star is coming to Toronto in free agency. If your team has a chance to get a 26 year old stud, you should be rooting for this.

      • Adam Gingrich

        That’s not the issue. In a vacuum, I have no problem acquiring him since he is obviously very talented. However, the Raptors already committed to DeRozan, who is a very similar player. Having two wings on a team that aren’t 3PT shooters (plus a PG who isn’t a great long distance shooter) makes it awfully difficult to space the floor and keep a defense honest. If the Raptors had moved DeRozan and gone with a core of Lowry, Ross, Gay, PF, and JV, I’d be much happier.

        • alphakira

          I don’t think you should be upset about having two quality players that just happen to have similar skill sets. Calderon was a goner and Ed Davis will never be as good as Gay, as nice as he was coming along. I don’t disagree that the Raptors have some work to do, but your team just got a borderline all star for barely anything. And it IS possible to get a guy like Reddick from the Magic or another solid 3 point shooter and possibly trade away Bargnani which should be Toronto’s main concern now. With Boston basically out of the playoff picture (ignoring the 4-0 start since Rondo went down) that 8th seed is anyone’s to take.

  4. alphakira

    The thing people don’t realize about Gay: if he was making just a few millions dollars less he’d be the player nearly EVERY team would currently be going after. Don’t let your fandom come in the way of facts, the guy is an excellent player, let the GMs worry about how much he’s getting paid. The Raptors would be INFINITELY better with him on the team.

    And keep this in mind…HE was the guy on the team next to Gasol when they made the playoffs last year as a 4th seed in a tough western conference, NOT Zach Randloph.

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