Maloof: Deal To Sell Kings “Not Close”

January 10 2013 at 3:32pm CDT By Luke Adams

A deal to sell the Kings to a Seattle-based group led by Chris Hansen is "not close," Kings co-owner George Maloof tells Bryan May of ABC News10 in Sacramento (Twitter link). It's the first public comment made by a member of the Maloof family since Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that the two sides were nearing an agreement.

While it's a little good news for Kings fans in Sacramento, it hardly means that a sale won't eventually be finalized, as Sactown Royalty notes. The Sactown Royalty piece points out that George was the Maloof brother at the forefront of relocation talks with Virginia Beach and Anaheim, and helped kill the Sacramento arena deal in the spring of 2012.

Multiple reports besides Wojnarowski's have indicated that Kings ownership is in talks with Hansen's group, but based on those reports and Maloof's comments, it appears that discussions may not come reach a resolution (one way or the other) in the immediate future.

4 thoughts on “Maloof: Deal To Sell Kings “Not Close”

  1. forgot to add: it would be great for sacramento to be sold to new ownership in seattle. the team should then rename itself the seattle sonics. then, the brooklyn nets can rename themselves brooklyn kings (they’re already in kings county). BK!!

  2. why don’t the kings move to Anaheim so nab fans can have a team to cheer for even though they have the Lakers and Clippers
    comment back asap

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