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Poll: What Should The Celtics Do Now?

With Rajon Rondo's torn ACL likely to derail at least this season for the Celtics, speculation has already begun as to where the team should go from here.  Rondo is soon to be 27 and it is difficult to predict what Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will have left in the tank once he is back to full strength.  While the Celts have plenty of financial commitments beyond their two aging stars, Pierce and Garnett are likely their most tradeable commodities.  

So should the Celtics blow up their roster?  Rondo is the team's best player and has been for a few years now.  They couldn't get through the Heat with him and may be hard pressed to even make the playoffs without him.  If they were to get a decent haul for Pierce and/or Garnett, it could yield critical pieces to help Rondo begin the next era of Celtics basketball.  What should they do?  Feel free to provide details beyond the poll in the comments section.

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10 thoughts on “Poll: What Should The Celtics Do Now?

  1. Z....

    they have a nice core. I dont think they’ll be down for too long. I’m interested to see what Barbosa gives them with some more minutes and I still think Lee can help them with outside shooting. Jeff Greene just needs to keep playing basketball to try and get back to where he was before missing all of last year. They have Bradley and Sullinger as young guys who look like core pieces moving forward. Maybe they should wait it out a bit and see what happens with next year’s draft pick. I dont see them getting much for Pierce and I would think they would need KG for everything he brings them in all aspects of the game.

    • MaineSkin

      They’re losing with Rondo; they’ll be trampled without him for sure. Why not trade Pierce and get some more youth to pair with Rondo? Fab Melo needs to be up learning from Garnett.

      • Z....

        mostly because they dont have much scoring to make up for no Pierce. With Rondo gone, he and Garnett will also be handling some facilitator duties. Defensively as well, they are both needed. Part of the issue is I dont see them getting much for Pierce. If they could get anything of value for him, I would probably reconsider the thought. If the upcoming draft was deeper, that would be another reason I would consider moving him, but it seems to be pretty shallow. Based on what I’ve seen, Fab Melo isnt ready to be in the NBA and needs more development time. He is better off getting some work in the D-League than sitting on the bench. From what I heard, he isnt doing too well down there, so I dont see how he should be up.

  2. Michael Pina

    Garnett has a no-trade clause in his contract. He isn’t going anywhere.

    • Alex Lee

      If they were to move Pierce, you don’t think KG would approve a trade?

  3. CommonSenseLad

    Garnett has a no trade clause, so it’s up to him if he wants to go. I find it hard to believe….

  4. MaineSkin

    Fab Melo needs to learn from Garnett, but Pierce is an attractive piece for any contender, so he goes now before his old body breaks down. Do the Warriors need this guy? Barnes is the same type of player and could learn a ton while Pierce would bring that playoff swag and big shot capability.

    • awmusic

      I feel like Garnett is the better fit for GSW. Bogut not being very healthy and they need a capable centre (Ezeli has only been serviceable). Pierce just takes away time from Barnes, while it might be good from a development stand point; there’s a clear hole in their lineup.

  5. Pierce is very valuable. He is still performing at a high level and his contract is only guaranteed for 4 mil next year. Any playoff team would want KG, if Ainge blows it up I’m sure he’d approve a trade.

  6. mgsports

    One of them to the Magic or another Contender.

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