Oden Leaning Toward Cavs; Heat Out Of Mix?

February 13 2013 at 10:53am CDT By Luke Adams

WEDNESDAY, 10:53am: Sources tell Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio that Oden appears to be leaning toward the Cavaliers.

MONDAY, 1:58pm: The field of suitors for Greg Oden may have decreased by one, as Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio reports (via Twitter) that the Heat have removed themselves from the running. Miami had been considered one of the frontrunners for Oden, according to a report last month.

On Friday, we heard that the Cavaliers were preparing to make Oden a contract offer after the trade deadline. Amico confirms that report, adding that the Bobcats are also expected to make an offer. While the Cavs have about $4MM in cap space that they could use for their offer, the Bobcats have a pro-rated portion of the $2.5MM mini mid-level exception available.

Although Oden isn't expected to appear on the court until the 2013/14 season, his agent has suggested he may sign a contract this season in order to rehab with an NBA club. If the former first overall pick were to wait until the summer to sign, perhaps the Heat could re-emerge as an option, since they'd have their $3MM taxpayer mid-level exception available at that point. That's just my speculation though — it's not clear if an inability to offer more than the minimum this year is the reason why the Heat are out of the running for Oden.

In addition to the Heat, Cavs and Bobcats, the Celtics, Spurs, Pacers, Hornets, and Mavericks have also been mentioned as potential destinations for Oden.

9 thoughts on “Oden Leaning Toward Cavs; Heat Out Of Mix?

  1. He should sign with Phoenix, although I’d love to see him at Miami(which doen’t look likely now), Phoenix would be a great place for him to rehab and get better as they have one of, if not the best medical staff/teams in the NBA.

    1. I don’t understand why I haven’t seen the Suns in the mix. That training staff essentially has the powers of Resurrection.

  2. Hope he does come back healthy to continue his career. IMO he should go to the spurs. Great staff, and a great mentor in Duncan to learn from until he’s asked to be a key component of the franchise.

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