Knicks Have Expressed Interest In Luke Ridnour

February 13 2013 at 2:04pm CDT By Luke Adams

Last night, we heard that the Knicks and Timberwolves have engaged in trade talks, though it wasn't clear which players were being discussed. Today, a report from Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld starts to fill in the blanks, as Kennedy tweets that the Knicks have expressed interest in Luke Ridnour.

From the Timberwolves' perspective, trade discussions involving Ridnour make sense, since the Wolves are said to be shopping the veteran point guard. The Knicks' interest is a little surprising though — as Chuck Myron of Hoops Rumors pointed out last night, New York seems fairly set at point guard, with Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, and Pablo Prigioni all healthy. Presumably, if the Knicks were to acquire Ridnour, the club would either ship out one of their current options (likely Prigioni) in the deal or plan on playing Ridnour at the two.

Speculating on how Ridnour would fit on the Knicks' roster is probably premature, however, as Kennedy doesn't suggest the talks are serious. It's possible New York was just kicking the tires on Ridnour to get an idea of the T-Wolves' asking price.

6 thoughts on “Knicks Have Expressed Interest In Luke Ridnour

  1. Umm since when is felt on healthy? Last I heard. If he reinjured that hand he’s done for the season. It would be smart to get another pg cuz Pablo and Kidd couldn’t handle the offense when he was gone. Also Kidd has a bad back.

    1. By “healthy” what I meant was “healthy enough to play.” Felton’s certainly not 100%, but it’s not like he’s expected to be out for any extended period of time at this point.

      — Luke

  2. I do not see a match salary-wise between these teams. Except in the Knicks included Novak or Kidd but I doubt the Wolves would be interested in either.

  3. Are the Knicks really set at the pg position, none of our guards can defend, shoot the ball consistently and only one will drive to the basket. The question again are we really set st the pg position?

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