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Nets Making Serious Push For Josh Smith

9:05pm: While the two teams are engaged in discussions, nothing is close yet, a source tells Broussard.  The Nets are willing to give up Kris Humphries and guard MarShon Brooks for Smith, but it almost certainly will take more to make it happen and one source said the Hawks want a first-round pick.

Broussard writes that some scenarios that have been discussed include re-acquiring Anthony Morrow, but that would not be possible.  A player cannot be traded back to a team within one year of that team trading him away, according to the CBA.

The Hawks also reportedly want a young center in return for Smith so the Nets may have to get a third team involved.

7:52pm: The Nets are going hard after Hawks forward Josh Smith, sources tell Chris Broussard of ESPN (on Twitter).  While General Manager Billy King & Co. have also discussed a deal for Bobcats guard Ben Gordon, Smith is the bigger priority at the moment.

Earlier today, a report suggested that the Hawks aren't actively shopping Smith, despite the whirlwind of trade talk surrounding him.  Meanwhile, Broussard handicapped the odds of Smith being shipped out of Atlanta at 60% earlier this week.  It makes sense that the Hawks would explore a deal as they met with the 27-year-old's representatives this week and let them know that they're not interested in signing him to the max deal that he is seeking.

If General Manager Danny Ferry can take Smith off of the books, then he could potentially have room for two max deal players this summer.  That prospect combined with the return that Smith could net would seem to make him one of the stronger trade candidates as we approach the deadline.  The Suns, Rockets, and Bobcats have been said to have interest in acquiring Smith while the forward would like a trade to the Mavericks or Grizzlies if he had his way.

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15 thoughts on “Nets Making Serious Push For Josh Smith

  1. Freddie Morales

    BK needs to do whatever it takes to make this happen!!!!! He would be the PERFECT PF for them!!!! What a starting 5 that would be!!!!

    • DieHardMsFan

      Sure it would be a great starting five on paper but in reality I don’t think that starting five really fits well together (unless Johnson/Williams find their stroke again) as that starting five would have no shooters. With no shooting their spacing would be terrible and their offense will suffer greatly especially Lopez.

      Anyone know why the Nets won’t just give Brooks more minutes? I really liked his potential when I saw him play a few times last year.

  2. Z....

    trying to think of what brooklyn would give up for him though. i think he probably just fits better elsewhere

    • Freddie Morales

      can see nets trading blatche, brooks, humphries, taylor, & 2-3 1sts for smith.

      • Z....

        see i thought of something similar. I dont know. Maybe Blatche, brooks, taylor and the picks or 1 of taylor/brooks stays in brooklyn. Problem is that the salaries arent even close to matching there and Brooklyn is already in the luxury tax so this trade cant even happen. I just dont see it for either team where it would make that much sense. Atlanta wants to keep their cap space so I dont see them taking on much.

      • Z....

        I tried a trade in the trade machine and the only thing that would work financially would be some kind of 3 way trade where Humphries goes to the bobcats, smith goes to the nets, and Blatche, Brooks, Taylor, Reggie Williams, and Diop go to Atlanta, with whatever picks filling out the rest for all 3 teams. I dont know. It just doesnt seem to work right now or make sense at this point in the season for anyone besides really Atlanta who would be getting more expiring contracts.

        • alphakira

          Blatche, Brooks, Evans, and Humphries works fine, I just don’t know why Atlanta would do that.


          • Z....

            they wouldnt. thats my point. they want cap space and I personally wouldnt do that regardless

  3. Freddie Morales

    just please dont add Toko to the deal, he is a monster!!!

  4. ROR1997

    Dwills, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez
    That is a good team.

    • alphakira

      5 players don’t make a good team. Coaching, quality bench players, and chemistry do. The Lakers are proving that having stars at every position means nothing without those 3 things.

  5. alphakira

    So they’ll have an even worse bench…? This is why Memphis and Portland will never do well in a 7 game series and why Brooklyn won’t get past the first round. As the Knicks and Clippers are proving, it’s about depth too. Dumb trade for both sides and I can’t see it happening; Atlanta can get more from Phoenix.

    • awmusic

      It’ll be bad for this season for sure but do you think they can win this year? I have my doubts with their current roster. I think if you make your team strong heading into the off-season and look like a contender, you can get players to join your team on min deals as you’d have a better shot at winning in the future. I think that’s where the value does come from if they do acquire Smith.

      • alphakira

        Well, that is an excellent point – IF they can get Josh Smith to re-sign.

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