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Nuggets Turn Down Roy, Draft Pick For Mozgov

According to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nuggets have rebuffed an offer from the Timberwolves that would have sent Brandon Roy and a first-round draft pick to Denver in exchange for center Timofey Mozgov.

Roy has been reportedly included in many of Minnesota's offers, with hopes that his contract (non-guaranteed for 2013-14) could serve as a selling point to teams looking for financial relief. According to a tweet by Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN in Minneapolis, the offered pick would be from the Grizzlies (owed to Minnesota in this year's draft).  

The Timberwolves aren't holding out hope that the 6'6" guard will ever be ready to play in the NBA again, and it is believed that any team interested in taking the former star understands that also. Wojnarowski says that GM David Kahn would be interested in negotiating a buyout, possibly after the trade deadline if Minnesota is unable to include him in a deal. 

With the emergence of Kosta Koufos in Denver coupled with the fact that Mozgov is scheduled to become a restricted free agent in July, the Nuggets have been trying to find a suitable trade partner in order to avoid possibly having to match an expensive offer sheet for the Russian center. 

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12 thoughts on “Nuggets Turn Down Roy, Draft Pick For Mozgov

  1. Harris K.

    why exactly would they turn this down?

  2. Grayson Thatcher

  3. BraveNewWorld

    Brandon Roy and a first round pick and you say no? Uhh, why?

    • Ben Aubrey

      With so many young players on the team they don’t need another draft pick, especially one that will be early 20s and Roy is just an expiring contract which you don’t need to trade for when the guy you are trading is also an expiring contract.

    • Robert W Kinne

      They’re thinking Mozgov might get into one or two more games at mop-up time, and they can’t afford to lose him. Or maybe they think they can swap him for Kobe or Carmello or Kevin Durant.

  4. dodge1435

    They really should accept this offer if nothing else they will get and 1st round pick for mozgov…….try to include for Randolph or Chandler and get Derrick Williams also.

  5. RFsnapple

    KAHNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! again. Nuggets must think very highly of Mozgov.

  6. Anthony Gere

    It’s not like that’s A great offer. Brandon Roy can’t play anymore and the puck is from the Grizzlies, who are a top 5 team in the west, so the draft pick isn’t even that good. Plus, were already stacked at SG/PG. I would rather have Mozgov.

  7. binks

    dodge1435 – You’d have to do better than that to get DWill. And why the hell would the Wolves want Randolph back?

    • Ben Aubrey

      And why would the Nuggets want Williams. They need a better shooter in return not someone who is a worse one.

  8. Sky14

    The Wolves already had Kosta Koufos and he couldn’t crack the rotation. Why would Kahn want to give up a first round pick for a guy who couldn’t even beat him out?

  9. J Good

    Denver Nuggets don’t need Brandon Roy he is a good player don’t get me wrong but they need a good strong big make down low to play beside JaVale McGee also Denver don’t need to be greedy either because you only gonna get but so much for a talent like Mozgov.

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