Poll: Will The Wolves Make A Trade?

February 5 2013 at 9:54pm CDT By Alex Lee

The Timberwolves, who have now been without Kevin Love for more than a month, have lost 14 of 16 and are at risk of letting their season get away from them.  With Love not expected back for at least another month, there is an increasing likelihood that Minnesota will be sellers come deadline time. 

Per Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press, team president Davis Kahn was asked about his team's plans before Monday's loss to the Blazers, telling reporters, "We'll do something if it's in the interest of both the now and the future.  We don't feel compelled to do something. But by the same token, we also don't feel that we can afford to just kind of sit it out. We have to really find out what's out there."

The Wolves are reportedly planning to reassess their situation after their current six-game homestand.  Kahn has already predictably called Ricky Rubio and Love "untouchable," and has expressed interest in keeping Nikola Pekovic around long-term as well, despite the center drawing interest around the league. 

With that considered, it sounds as if Kahn understands the risks of standing pat, the most notable of which being the failure to maximize return on the team's expendable assets.  So what type of move will the Wolves make, if any?

6 thoughts on “Poll: Will The Wolves Make A Trade?

        1. Staying healthy is one thing but the other is Pekovic. Pek, Love and Gasol would be a great front court but also extremely expensive. I just couldn’t see that move happening but crazier things have happened under Kahn which thankfully is coming to an end soon.

          1. If they got Gasol, they could then trade Pekovic for a SF or SG. I really don’t think Gasol will end up in Minny for that package but it’s something the Lakers should have looked at early in the season. I know Minny still wants Gasol to pair him with Rubio and Love.

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