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Wolves Rumors: Ridnour, Pekovic, Williams, Roy

As usual, Friday morning means the latest installment of Darren Wolfson's Scoops column has been published at With Minnesota expected to be active in trade talks over the next several days, let's check out the latest Timberwolves rumors from Wolfson….

  • The Knicks are one of several teams interested in Luke Ridnour, who is mentally preparing to be moved. The Celtics, Sixers, and Jazz are among the other clubs with varying degrees of interest, says Wolfson.
  • Nikola Pekovic has been assured by the T-Wolves that he isn't going anywhere for now.
  • While Derrick Williams is still available, a trade over the summer may be more likely, according to Wolfson.
  • Brandon Roy's financial advisor is still "rejecting overtures" on a buyout. It seems unlikely the Wolves will be able to move his salary in a trade, so a buyout would be the team's preferred route.
  • When Chris Johnson signed for the rest of the season with the Wolves, the contract included a second year. Wolfson expects that it'll essentially be a team option for 2013/14 — a non-guaranteed minimum salary.
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8 thoughts on “Wolves Rumors: Ridnour, Pekovic, Williams, Roy

  1. Sky14

    I wonder if a Turner-Ridnour trade could happen. The Sixers need a better backup to Holiday (plus Ridnour can play SG) and the Wolves need help at the wing. The salaries work for an even swap and the production is similar. The Sixers could toss in a second rounder to make it a bit more even but overall it works out well.

    • so your suggesting the 76ers trade turner (former #2 pick) and a 2nd rd draft pick for ridnour. no chance at ALL

      • Sky14

        Yea, because at age 24 Turner is what he is. He is a wing player that doesn’t shoot particularly well and performance is well below his draft status. Ridnour may not be a star but he is a consistent player and far more efficient player than Turner’s who is putting up the best numbers of his career.

        What you are saying is that because Turner was the 2nd overall pick he should get a ton more in return. Well the Wolves have a 2nd overall pick who is greatly under performing and he will not get a ton in return in a trade. Even though he is younger and performing BETTER than Turner.

        • RFsnapple

          I don’t think Turner is what he is at 24, that is very unfair to Turner. Many players enter their prime around age 26. I’m a Wolves fan who would love that trade but Turner has shown explosive athleticism and NBA players are always working on their shot. I don’t think thats a smart move for the 76ers, just my opinion

          • Sky14

            Meh, I am not saying there is not a chance that he could develop into a better player than he currently is but most players at this age have established more. He is not really an explosive player and his per 36 numbers leave a lot to be desired (he is playing a bit more than 36/game currently). Perhaps some people see better things from him in the future but I only see him as a solid contributor from the wing and for that price its Ridnour who offers the same at point.
            It should be noted that the Sixers are exploring trades for him but they may be looking for more potential than Ridnour offers.

          • RFsnapple

            I definitely think that if the Sixers are to trade Turner, they could get more than Ridnour. Not to say Ridnour isn’t a good player, but a young guy for young guy would seem more likely.

  2. dc21892

    I’d like to see Boston try to swing a deal for Ridnour and Pekovic. It would be difficult though, mostly because Minnesota’s unwillingness to move the talented big, and the lack of pieces for Boston to send back.

    • RFsnapple

      Pek is an ideal fit for every team in need of a center, and that includes the Wolves. As you said, it’d be very difficult. All indications have pointed to Minnesota wanting to resign Pek.

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