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7 thoughts on “Poll: Who Should’ve Won Coach of the Year?

  1. What thibodeau was able to do with all the players injured throughout the year including a former mvp in rose and still win 45 games

  2. John Tatum

    Mark Jackson Should Have Won, Seventh Place? Are You Kidding Me? What A Joke

    • FlaveFlava

      off the boost in their defense alone he could’ve won it.

  3. ManBearPig618

    I’m a biased Bulls fan, but objectively, the fact that Thibs wasn’t in the top 5 in voting is such a joke. Undermines the entire award.

  4. daveschwartz

    I like this site and don’t mean to nitpick, but should Karl be included in this poll, given that the question asks whether Karl deserves to win it? (Sorry, I’ll slink back under my rock now.)

  5. alphakira

    If you switch Spoelstra and Thibs the Bulls don’t make the playoffs and the Heat break the 72-10 record. Even as a Knicks fan I’m shocked Thibs didn’t win.

    I like Karl, but this is clearly a lifetime achievement award.

    • ManBearPig618

      My sentiments exactly. I’m happy for George, and they had a great (regular) season, but this is clearly awarding a culmination of his work in the league.

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