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Latest On Josh Smith

Josh Smith met with the Pistons overnight, and TNT's David Aldridge reports that the forward didn't emerge with an offer from what was nonetheless a "productive" meeting, as a source characterized the affair to Chris Broussard of (Twitter links). The meeting was geared toward each side "feeling out" the other, according to Aldridge, who isn't surprised the Pistons would hold off on making an offer for now, given their interest in Andre Iguodala as well (Twitter link).

Smith is set to talk today with the Rockets and Hawks, tweets Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports. Like the Pistons, both teams have plenty of cap room, but Atlanta and especially Houston likely view Smith as a fallback option in case Dwight Howard signs elsewhere.

The Hawks have Smith's Bird rights, allowing them to offer a five-year deal for a total of about $25MM more than he could sign for elsewhere. GM Danny Ferry may not need to go that far for the Wallace Prather client, though, since the Pistons don't appear willing to offer him the max. Luke Adams of Hoops Rumors estimated this morning that Smith could wind up with a four-year, $60MM deal.

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8 thoughts on “Latest On Josh Smith

  1. H3studio

    Smart… No way you trade Josh Smith… All he wants is for the city and his team to embrace him as a player…he is always being criticized …with both Al Horford out and Joe Johnson ailing…he has clearly been the Hawks MVP…and they would not be the same without him …he is a wiser player, and coming into his own…. Unless u bringing in a Dwight like talent….no trade…just keep him happy

    • Dlb_golfer

      Smith should be traded (but only for equal value), he has brought on the outside distractions by demanding a trade . He is not on the level of a Dwight Howard. He would be an excellent PF if he would quit shooting the 3s and give the ball up to the guards on the fastbreaks. For some reason, he seems to think that he is a facilitator (NOT!). Drew is either intimidated or afraid to tell Smith to stop those 2 issues. Smith has never been happy because he has never been the #1 player on the team, which he so desperately wants to be. I agree he has been playing well lately, but only because Horford and J. Johnson have been out. When he goes to another team with a real HC, he will still be sulking because he will not be allowed to do the 2 things that I mentioned above. He will be required to play within the team system and will be benched if he doesn’t. There is no doubt that he is an above average player when he plays within ten feet of the rim!

      • you are mad confused. and josh knocks dow 3’s a good bit these days. we like josh just the way he is in atlanta. i love his energy. his aggressive attitude. everything he brings. he is the leader of this team. hands down.

        • Gjf29

          Iguadala for Josh Smith?

          • as much as they would be a good trade… nah. id rather keep josh. plus josh is much more than a good player. he gets other players fired up. plus i like that he is from here. and i guess im biased cause he is MY fav player to watch.

  2. Drewjagz

    He is definitly staying, My good friend’s bro in law is the owner of the Hawks, so I get all the inside stuff, and he said unless they get an amazing offer they wont trade him

  3. dc21892

    Josh Smith makes so much sense for Boston. ATL has a 50/50 chance of retaining him. Not moving him is risky. They could wind up getting nothing for him. This works in Boston’s favor to some degree. It may cost more than Green/Bass. Probably draft pick consideration and maybe Fab Melo? I like Melo and think he can learn a lot in Boston but going by moves they made in the past, he is likely to be included in a deal. Anyways, Smith is the PF, rebounding and shot blocking force this team needs. Pair him with Garnett on the floor, and I’m willing to argue Garnett gets better.

  4. RFsnapple

    Whoever gets Josh Smith has an instant upgrade and it doesn’t look like a great draft class at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to give up a 1st and a player for Smith and push to resign him in the off season.

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