Marcus Camby Requests Trade Or Buyout

12:28pm: Kaplan tells Jared Zwerling of (Twitter links) that he and Camby "haven't demanded anything" from the Raptors, which doesn't contradict Berman's report (linked below).

"We are working collaboratively with the Raptors to end up in a situation that works for everyone," Kaplan said.

12:20pm: The Knicks and Raptors haven't formally completed the deal yet that will send Marcus Camby to the Raptors, but the veteran big man is already requesting to be moved again, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post. Berman reports that Camby has asked the Raptors for a trade or buyout so that he can join a contender.

When the deal between the Knicks and Raptors was agreed upon last weekend, Camby indicated that he planned to explore his options, and at least one report suggested Toronto would be open to the idea of buying him out. Agent Rick Kaplan, who tells Berman his client has no plans to retire, appears optimistic that the two sides will get something done.

"We have a great deal of respect for and faith in the new management of the Raptors," Kaplan said. "So something is likely to work out for all involved."

Camby, who has two years remaining on his deal, is set to earn about $4.38MM next season, but his 2014/15 salary is only partially guaranteed for about $1.03MM. If he were to reach a buyout agreement with the Raptors and hit the free agent market, he'd be ineligible to sign with the Knicks, but could join any other contending team.

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James Sherman
3 years 25 days ago

If he wants a buyout, offer him $0.01 and see if he bites. If not, hope he likes wearing dinosaurs.

3 years 24 days ago

well if camby wants to be a tool about it, tell his old ass to retire

3 years 24 days ago

camby your wack. i hope masai doesnt bend backwards to try and help out this piece of dirt. if he doesnt want to report to work, thats fine you just wont get paid, dont like retire then you old fool

el Dios Todopoderoso
3 years 21 days ago

He’ll sign with Miami!

3 years 20 days ago

When we give old asses their chances and they don’t take it, instead he(camby) turned around and talk smart about us…he’s a loser, always a looser! We don’t need piece…like that in our organization. He belongs to where he came from.

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