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Poll: Which Team Improved The Most?

There wasn't much change at the trade deadline this year, but the summer has been one of drastic moves for many NBA teams. The Nets traded for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Dwight Howard left the Lakers for the Rockets, and the Warriors found a way out of their luxury tax predicament that allowed them to add Andre Iguodala and still shed payroll.

There are plenty of other teams who look better than when the 2012/13 season ended. The Cavs signed Andrew Bynum to a partially guaranteed deal that hedges against further injury for the former All-Star, and they added Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 pick in the draft. The Pelicans pulled off a draft-night trade to land Jrue Holiday, and they signed Tyreke Evans to an offer sheet that was too rich for the Kings' blood. The Trail Blazers addressed their bench, their major weakness from this past season, the Pistons wooed Josh Smith to Detroit, and the moribund Bobcats used some of their plentiful room for improvement, signing Al Jefferson.

Let us know which team you think made the greatest strides forward this summer, and leave a comment to explain your vote.

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Improved The Most?

  1. Hannibal8us

    Where’s the Lakers on this list? Addition by subtraction.

    • alphakira

      Losing the best center is addition by subtraction? Come on now.

      • Hannibal8us

        Losing a guy who didn’t fit the system and was a detriment to the team? Yea that’s called addition by subtraction.

  2. wegeg


  3. Jonathunder

    If Bynum is healthy, we have to shoot up this list.

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