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Blazers Have Engaged Rockets About Omer Asik

The Blazers have been talking to the Rockets about acquiring Omer Asik, reports Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, who passes along the news amid his league roundup. Portland’s lack of an outside-shooting power forward, the sort of asset the Rockets are seeking, is a stumbling block, according to Lawrence.

Blazers management is cognizant that much of the team’s 11-2 start has been accomplished against a relatively easy schedule so far, prompting them to seek improvements to the roster. Lawrence speculates that Portland could give up Robin Lopez, and his cap hit, though more than $2MM less than Asik’s, is close enough to accommodate a one-for-one swap. There’s no indication Lopez is a part of the talks, however.

Asik is one of the league’s primary trade candidates, and has reportedly made weekly trade requests since the Rockets acquired Dwight Howard in the summer. Still, the Rockets appear to be in the early stages of sorting through trade possibilities for their backup center.

One team that apparently won’t be in the mix for Asik is the Bulls, as Lawrence writes that owner Jerry Reinsdorf is “dead set against” bringing the 27-year-old back to Chicago, since doing so would likely push the team further into luxury tax territory. The Bulls could probably find some sort of package, perhaps involving a third team, that would allow them to trade for Asik without taking on salary, but it sounds like no such deal is on the table.

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19 thoughts on “Blazers Have Engaged Rockets About Omer Asik

  1. madsk1lls

    Lol, lopez is a joke. Unless they are giving up a first round pick and lopez, this is a waste of time.

    • clownicle

      You obviously don’t follow basketball much. Look at some advanced stats and you’ll find Lopez would make a quality back up center to Dwight. He’s a very good rim protector this year.

      Learn something.

      • $67479336

        So trading a Solid Starting center for a solid back up 1 for 1 is a good move? Sounds like your the one who needs to learn something.

      • Skitha

        Lopez may be a decent back up center, but the Rockets already have Asik who defensively is better than Lopez. There is no reason for the Rockets to make that trade.

        • Yes there is plenty of reason and at the top your back up center is unhappy. He sat out last Saturday’s game because he is so emotionally distraught. Houston you got a problem and he’s 7 feet tall :-)

      • madsk1lls

        Take off your sideshow bob shirt and look at his stats. He’s a starting center averaging 8 points, 8 rebounds, and gets owned on defense. Asik averaged 10, 11, and is an elite defensive player.

      • Robert Han

        Asik makes a much better back up C than Robin Lopez. You think Morey will pull the 1 for 1 swap without a first rounder he always wants?

        Learn something.

  2. Dean Lackey

    unless we get asik for spare parts this will never happen for the blazers. swapping a very serviceable and happy player for a very serviceable and unhappy player just isnt a good idea.

  3. Tiler Durden

    Omer Asik to Boston Celtics , Jeff Green to Phoenix Suns, Channing Fry to Houston Rockets.

    • Draftdog

      This makes sense for the Celtics and the Suns, but would you trade Asik for Fry straight up? Yes Fry is a stretch four, but he is also a weak rebounder and defender.

  4. Draftdog

    I like Asik and I believe he is currently an upgrade, but I like Lopez and the chemistry this team has. Lopez is younger and still developing. I may be a dreamer but I don’t think Lopez has reached his upside yet. That being said if the Blazers can get Asik for Lopez and say McCollum, then I think it would be a good for the team. Asik for Lopez and another rotation player or a high draft pick NO.

    • I wouldn’t throw in CJ, McCollum is going to be the next Damian let’s keep him till his stock go up.

      • Draftdog

        Sorry to disagree, I think C.J. is a slow, short 2 guard destined to be backup and maybe a rotation player if he can get his shot off with accuracy in the NBA. He is definitely not the second coming of Lillard. But who am I. I wouldn’t have drafted him in the first place. I was very disappointed in that selection.

  5. Ok guys I will start with Rip City that should tell you where I’m at. Just did some research online about Asik’s contact and found out that it is bottom heavy so while this year his getting under 6 million next year the last year of his contract it will be almost 15 million making him in the top 25 highest paid players for the year. So Houston our 3.3 million Lopez should be very appealing to your needs. Oh you will also have the same situation with J. Lin’s contract in it’s final year. So looking at the big picture it would be a great trade straight across for Houston not Portland. Honestly I hope it doesn’t happen cause Asik is not worth 15 million for 1 year.

    • Draftdog

      You’re right, Asik is not worth 15M, but two things have to be considered. One, only 6M goes against the Blazer cap. Two, this is a one time 15M pop which Allen can surly afford.

  6. Brian Leichty

    RL is doing his job and plugging up the middle and the Blazers are winning. Now why would they go and do something this stupid?

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