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Sources close to the Knicks say that no deal involving Iman Shumpert is imminent, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be staying put in New York, writes Marc Stein of  More and more people around the league see some sort of Shumpert deal materializing sooner rather than later, given that he’s New York’s only real trade asset at this time.

Talks with the Nuggets didn’t get far because of the Knicks’ insistence on getting Kenneth Faried in the swap, but Denver does have interest in Shumpert.  Prying Faried away from Denver would have required the Knicks to include more than one draft pick and the Knicks can’t part with a first-rounder earlier than 2018.  Stein also hears that the Kings are gauging how Shumpert might fit in with their squad.

The Knicks are increasingly confident that they can afford to lose Shumpert with J.R. Smith back in the lineup and rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. looking solid early.

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2 years 9 months ago

Kings have a ton of guards and no one the Knicks should want…how’s that make sense?

2 years 9 months ago

Love shump, but I am def ok with opening up playing time for Hardaway Jr. He is def going to be a star.


[…] tweets Marc Stein of Those talks fell through when Denver asked New York to include multiple draft picks, presumably including a first-rounder. The Knicks already owe this year’s first-round pick […]

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