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Knicks Want To Trade For Rajon Rondo

Knicks management is confident it can attract the stars necessary to pull the team out of its malaise, and its first target will be Rajon Rondo, according to Brian Windhorst of The Knicks hope Rondo will become discontent with the Celtics and attempt to force them to trade him to New York sometime between now and 2015, when his contract ends. If they come up short on trading for Rondo, the Knicks think they’ll sign him in free agency or land one or two of the following potential 2015 free agents: LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Kevin Love and Tony Parker.

The notion of Rondo joining the Knicks isn’t new, since the point guard’s high school coach claimed earlier this month that fellow former pupil Carmelo Anthony has been trying to recruit Rondo. Anthony pointed out that any such talk could constitute tampering, and both he and Rondo denied that they were discussing the idea of teaming up. It’s not clear how the Knicks could sell Rondo on the notion of pushing for a trade to New York, as Anthony did in 2011, without violating tampering rules. Still, much of the Knicks’ confidence in their future comes from the built-in lure of star-making capital New York, Windhorst writes.

Anthony could leave in free agency himself this summer, and there’s talk that the Knicks may attempt to trade him by the upcoming February 20th deadline if they don’t feel as though they can retain him. Windhorst seems to suggest there’s little chance of that happening, given how certain the Knicks seem about the road ahead. An executive from another team says the Knicks expect to re-sign Anthony and have another star player with him in a year’s time, adding that, “They’re so sure about it you’d think they already know what will happen.” 

The same attitude explains why Mike Woodson is still coaching the team, according to Windhorst. The Knicks don’t feel there’s an adequate replacement available during the season, but plenty of intriguing candidates may exist in the summer, Windhorst writes. Having traded their potential lottery pick for 2014, the Knicks may be better off trying to make the playoffs this year with Woodson as coach, the ESPN scribe opines.

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17 thoughts on “Knicks Want To Trade For Rajon Rondo

  1. In what world are the knicks in. The celtics are in a much better place than the knicks are so he’s just going to leave. This is so stupid and ridiculous how someone is trying to make a unrealistic rumor out of nothing because they are begging that their team gets better.

  2. Here_is_the_truth

    When you iso, the pass can not be counted as assist. Why would Rondo join the disfunctional Knicks and have his assit goes down? LMAO. That is why Knicks should have never let Lin test the market. He shuts down T Parkers on Christmas.

    • alphakira

      Someone hasn’t been watching many games this year.

  3. knicks are funny money cant buy you wins as we have seen with the blue jays this past season

  4. beberoni

    Why would anyone want to play on a team with Carmelo Anthony? All he wants to do is shoot, shoot, shoot, and he wont pass the ball, and he doesn’t hit very many shots either. No team with him on it will ever win, because he does not value team, only his own scoring, and that’s a cancer to a team.

    • Lee Harrison

      Melo doesn’t pass I guess u dont c the bricks JR Shumpert n Felton lays on a annual basis smh dummies

    • alphakira

      He’s done nothing but try to improve his passing game since he got here. He’s had the failed experement of trying to be a Larry Bird-esque pass-forward and it’s been clear this season that he’s going out of his way to get Bargnani involved, sometimes too much. You can’t get mad at a scorer for trying to score. CP3 passes up too many shots, Love can’t block a shot for his life, Lopez can’t defend or rebound, Kobe hasn’t been able to defend in the last 5 years, Harden literally lets people walk past him as he waits for the rebound, etc. etc. Every star has his flaws and Melo doing what he does best isn’t a flaw, it’s an asset when the right pieces are around him.

      • Gregory Davis

        Lol, And what about you? What do you do for a living besides talking trash about successful basketball players. You probably never picked upo a basketball in your sorry ass life. so get one.

      • Gregory Davis

        I see that you love putting these good players on blast, I wonder what byou do for a living besides slouching on the couch with that pot belly and smelling up the room. LOL.

  5. Slippin' Joey

    Who the hell would they trade? They have no one other than Melo and no picks. Unless the Celtics give the Knicks a huge discount and take some of their trash no way would this happen. I guess Dolan thinks they believe Shump will be the next MJ like most Knick fans.

  6. Marty Susman

    That would be a good trade for N.Y. I want N.Y. to keep Mello because I DON’T WANT HIM COMING TO THE LAKERS”. (He would be good with CP3 if they could trade him for Blake.

    • Joseph Jefferson

      Are you crazy? Blake is no where near the player Anthony is.

  7. Joseph Jefferson

    If the knicks land Kevin Love and Rondo along with keeping Melo, I don’t see anyone beating the Knicks. Without Stat, Bargnani and Mr. Chandler’s contract, who is in my opinion, useless on the offensive end, wears down defensively as the game progresses, and is mostly ineffective at crunch time, the above big three, would beat out Miami’s big three.

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