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Thunder Willing To Trade Jeremy Lamb

The Thunder are open to trading Jeremy Lamb for a more experienced and consistent bench player, according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, who tucks the news into his leaguewide notes column. Lamb, the 12th overall pick in 2012, came to Oklahoma City as part of the James Harden blockbuster on the eve of last season.

The onus has been on the 6’5″ shooting guard to step up this year following the departure of veteran Kevin Martin in an offseason sign-and-trade. Lamb spent much of last year shuttling back and forth between the Thunder and their D-League affiliate. He’s averaging 8.9 points on 45% shooting in 19.9 minutes per game, but that’s hardly the impact that Harden or Martin, who preceded Lamb in the role as backup wing player, had during their tenures in Oklahoma City.

There hasn’t been any drop-off in the win-loss column for the Thunder in spite of the lack of an established sixth man, as they’re 15-4 following last night’s blowout of the league-best Pacers. Lamb, just 21, is still developing and in the second season of a four-year rookie contract that will give him a little more than $2.1MM this year, but GM Sam Presti is apparently willing to seize on an opportunity for an immediate upgrade. The Thunder’s flexibility is limited, since they’re only about $1.4MM shy of the luxury tax line.

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19 thoughts on “Thunder Willing To Trade Jeremy Lamb

  1. Jeremy lamb is really coming into his own and developing nicely to trade him would be ridiculous.

  2. DevoWhite

    Why not try out Rip Hamilton?

    • FlaveFlava

      Hamilton or some other vet for that bench. It doesn’t make sense to trade away one of the few bench players contributing offense.

  3. Have you forgotten that they already have an established sixth man in Reggie Jackson. Maybe you should try writing about another sport.

  4. Kevin Wisla

    Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Lamb, Kendrick Perkins and a 1st rounder

    • charles cohen

      I can’t see the Thunder doing any trading here as their team is rounding out, and there is all season for Adams and Lamb to develop. I like Turner and can’t understand why his name is being shopped. Philly should just be patient and see if Noel can give him something surprising. If they get a good lottery pick they could really improve.

  5. charles cohen

    I don’t know where this rumor came from, but this is blatantly silly. Who would be suitable for what they are paying Lamb? Lamb has been developing into a valuable piece, is just 21 and fills a need at a 3 point shooter. How does the disastrous Harden trade look now, with Lamb and a future star in Adams in the rotation, plus the one they chose to sign Ibaka evolving into a star on both ends?

  6. If they would have let him get some burn last yr, he would have the experience this yr to be a more viable player. If he gets rid of Lamb he will have to go over the luxury tax to win.

  7. Reidweezy

    Clearly this writer has never watched a Thunder game. The sixth man is established. His name is Reggie Jackson. Lamb is playing a Daequan Cook role. And doing a much better job at it.

  8. DayDaemon

    I like OKC but their front-office is really showing a lot of immaturity and shortsightedness with there personnel moves. It’s reminding me a lot of the Raptors franchise but at least they had an excuse, being an expansion team. The Thunder just re-located from Seattle and should know better. Instead of just tweaking the team, why do they insist in being in perpetual rebuild mode by trading away significant pieces and in the case of Harden, future HOF’ers?! Re-dunk-ulous!!

    • Chimpestry

      The Thunder had no chance of keeping Harden. As a small market franchise, they could not pay him anywhere near the salary a player of his caliber could get ($13 to $16 million annually) and remain under or even near the salary cap unless they filled their bench with players making at or near the league minimum.

  9. Maxx Johnson

    This would be idiotic why trade a up and coming stud who has a very high ceiling

  10. walker F

    It would be a really dumb move for the Thunder.

  11. Michael Allen

    Players like Lamb and Adams are the next generation of Thunder basketball. This would be unwise to trade Lamb

  12. Brian M.

    I understand why they would entertain this because that bench is getting a little crowded with all the young players they have. But unless you talking about getting another young potential star Lamb needs to stay put. Because in 3 years that’s what Lamb is going to be.

  13. The Great Leon

    Seems like someone is just stirring the pot and is bored. Lamb has been playing well and still on a rookie contract. Him and Jackson are great 2nd unit. Thabo may be gone at end of season which could mean Lamb starts next season or Roberson replaces Thabo and Lamb stays as 6th man B since Reggie is 6th man A.

  14. Rock Lancaster

    Scam Shamico strikes again. The King of Manufactured Rumors.

  15. King Burger King

    I heard the Thunder wanted Mike Dunleavy for Lamb

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