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Harrison Barnes Drawing Plenty Of Interest

The Warriors are getting flooded with calls for Harrison Barnes but won’t deal him unless he’s part of a package for a big name, reports Sam Amick of USA Today. Despite Barnes’ struggles this year, Golden State remains extremely high on the 21-year-old forward and isn’t likely to deal him before the trade deadline (Twitter links). Last month, Zach Lowe of Grantland reported that Barnes had been garnering interest from around the league.

In January, Barnes averaged 6.9 PPG and 4.1 RPG in 24.5 MPG, but shot just 33.7% from the field overall. However, over his last four games this month, the North Carolina product is scoring 13.3 PPG on 48.8% shooting from the field and 54.5% from long range – much closer to his promising numbers to start the 2013/14 regular season. Earlier today, we made note from Lowe that the Warriors still aren’t ready to trade him.

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10 thoughts on “Harrison Barnes Drawing Plenty Of Interest

  1. gr8testsoxfan

    Barnes, Bogut for Noah

    • soxfan2204

      That’s horrible value for Noah. It’d be more like Hinrich or DunLeavy plus a first for Barnes. The Warriors desperately need bench help and anything else wouldn’t be worth it for the Bulls.

      • gr8testsoxfan

        Your not getting a young talented Barnes for two bums.

        • soxfan2204

          You’re not getting one of the best centers in the league for a talented young player that has done nothing in the league (and was more hype than substance in college) and a player that can’t stay on the court (and will probably never top 30mpg again in his career). I like Barnes and think he has some potential but not anywhere near enough to get them Noah. The Bulls said they wouldn’t trade Noah for Melo a few years ago, and they recently said they wouldn’t include him for Aldridge. Why would they even consider moving him for this package? Answer: they wouldn’t.

          And the Warriors would be getting a very solid backup if they added either (their biggest weakness) in addition to a first round pick. It definitely helps them win now, which they want to do. The only way Barnes is bringing in a significant piece is if he’s packaged with more players/picks, and this package isn’t even close to enough for the Bulls to give up Noah.

          • gr8testsoxfan

            I think your over valuing Noah a little bit, I mean he’s a solid center and all but, If he was in the west he wouldn’t be an all star. Add to that he’s always hurt and we’re already dealing with one superstar that’s oft injured plus they make big money. I say rebuild through young players and the Draft by trading your most valuable assets. And stay away from Carmelo he’s nothing but a ball hog.

  2. Matt Galvin

    To the Celtics for Bradley and so on?

  3. Randolph_Knackstedt

    I know this would never happen, but what it Iggy came off the bench and Barnes started? Iggy could still get 30+ minutes a night.

    I don’t think Barnes has adapted with his bench role. He started last season and prior to that, he’s always been a starter.

    Iggy is a veteran and could provide great veteran leadership off the bench. And even though Iggy would be coming off the bench, he could still play nearly as much as he is now and MAYBE that would give a mental / confidence boost to Barnes.

    And Iggy hasn’t been the most consistent either. So why not switch things up a bit and see if it works? If not, Barnes could go back to the bench and Iggy would continue starting. I think (as long as Iggy is accepting to this) it’s worth trying.

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