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Lakers, Mavs Consider Kevin Love Trades

The Lakers and Mavs are attempting to put together trade offers for Kevin Love, but the Timberwolves have given no indication they’ll consider moving the All-Star big man by Thursday’s deadline, reports Ken Berger of The Lakers are the favorites to land the former UCLA standout when he hits free agency in the summer of 2015, a source tells Berger. It’s “widely known” around the league that Love and agent Jeff Schwartz are determined to find a large market team for the sixth-year veteran, Berger writes.

Other teams are “feverishly pursuing” a top-flight first-round pick they could offer to the Timberwolves for Love, according to Berger. Still, a source close to Wolves president Flip Saunders insists Minnesota will not deal its star by Thursday. USA Today’s Sam Amick hears rival teams have the impression that any of the Wolves aside from Love is available as Minnesota seeks upgrades capable of appeasing its power forward (Twitter link).

Any trade offer from the Lakers would have to include Gasol, Berger says, adding that rival GMs believe Gasol’s primary suitors are teams that believe they can re-sign him to a cheaper deal this summer, rather than clubs that view him as a rental. Berger speculates that the Lakers would also offer their 2014 first-round pick, almost certainly a lottery selection.

The Mavs have pursued top-level free agents the past two summers and appear ready to do so again this year. Given the trade interest from the Lakers, Dallas and other teams may feel they have to strike now to give themselves the best chance at Love before L.A. acquires him and his Bird Rights.

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7 thoughts on “Lakers, Mavs Consider Kevin Love Trades

  1. Josh Zelch

    If I’m the Cavs I’m making a call and offering up everyone but Kyrie

  2. John LeClair

    Celtics should give them a call

  3. ManBearPig618

    Comical that Lakers are trying to swing this trade. Their only real asset is a 2014 first round pick, which, although nice, is not going to land Kevin Love on its own. Minny is giong to have to bite their tongue not to laugh at most offers coming from LA.

    • johnnycomelately9

      Minny would be dumb to not take Pau and Lakers pick unprotected. I don’t think they can trade the pick but the Wolves can not do better than a top 5 pick and Gasol is about as good as a replacement as they can receive… For a team that’s not retaining their player they should look for a maximum return instead of letting him walk next year.

      • They still have 1.5 years of his service. They shouldn’t force any type of deal unless it is EXACTLY what they want in the trade!!

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