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Kings Likely To Be Buyers At Deadline

The Kings are on a seven-game losing streak and sit in last place in the Western Conference, 11 and a half games out of the final playoff spot. Still, that’s not stopping them from seeking upgrades at the trade deadline, according to Chad Ford’s “Tank Rank” piece for ESPN Insider. Ford hears the Kings are looking to acquire talent rather than sell it off as they attempt a late charge at the postseason.

Ford mentions Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson, Jimmer Fredette and Carl Landry as players the Kings might dangle in their pursuit of immediate help. A report late last month indicated the Kings would “love to move” Thornton, and Thompson and Fredette have also been a part of multiple trade rumors this season. Landry, who just returned from a hip injury that forced him to miss the first three months of the season, appears to be a new addition to the trade block for Sacramento, which has maintained an aggressive stance on the trade market all year.

The new ownership behind the Kings is eager to give Sacramento a winner as they fend off challenges to a public-funding plan for a new arena. The acquisition of Rudy Gay has helped reinvigorate the small forward’s career, but Sacramento is just 9-15 in games he’s played, a winning percentage of .375 that’s only marginally better than the team’s .319 clip for the season. A push for the playoffs would be doubly puzzling, since Sacramento’s 2014 first-round draft pick goes to the Bulls if it winds up outside the top 12, as our reverse standings show.

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10 thoughts on “Kings Likely To Be Buyers At Deadline

  1. Guy Mulidor

    Why would you buy now. You have no chance of the post season and would lose your top 12 pick to the Bulls which you killed last night. I see wanting to get rid of Thornton but Jimmer looked good last night and seems incredibly stupid unless you getting picks for next year or cash considerations. Please don’t trade for Miller as he is old and not what he used to be unless you’re talking about bitching which he still does. I like what I saw last night and hope to see more but just stand still and let this season end, secure your top 12 pick and go for it all next year. I still say move Thornton but that will be easier for next year as he will be in the last year of his contract. I like Landry, Thompson should go but look how Jimmer is playing right now, if that continues sign him to a 1 year contract and see if he continues his vast improvement

    • The reason the Kings are buyers is the only way Kings can aquire talent is through trades. Any decent free agent will not sign in Sac. And I dont think they have to worry about falling outside the bottom 12. Just not going to happen this year.

      • Guy Mulidor

        You have a point, I just don’t want it to effect the draft this year. As long as it’s a defensive presence I would be happy. I realize it’s the only way they can get players I just want to make sure they get the right kind of players

        • capnk

          Nobody the kings can get for any of those players is going to get us anywhere near .500. Seriously, Andre Miller? Even if they can get somebody like Greg Monroe or Evan Turner, I think that top 12 protected pick is safe.

          • Guy Mulidor

            I hope it’s not Miller, too high of a price tag, my problem is I don’t see us getting anything worth a crap so I’d have to agree with you on the draft. I like Monroe and Turner but I doubt either would resign so I’m puzzled on who we would get. The important thing is who we’d lose which for the future would be good. I like Jimmer last night but I’d like to see similar production throughout the year as long as he actually gets minutes. The Mavs game got me mad as I could see Thomas was out of gas yet played the entire 2nd half.

  2. Send Fredette somewhere hell be appreciated. Isaiah Thomas is absolutely horrendous on defense and a HUGE factor why the kings lose games after often being up by double figures in the late quarters. And yet Thomas, who’s offense is no better than Fredettes, but who’s defense is arguably even worse and a major liability, starts and plays nearly 40 minutes a game. Last night was a good example where Kings were up by 12 when Fredette enters, but the Bulls were starting to make a run even getting it to within 8 at one point, and when Fredette leaves he has 11 points in 10 minutes and they’re now up by 30. Look at the numbers from the previous 6 games. Kings are leading, Fredette comes in to spell Thomas and the score goes up or doesn’t change, then the starters Thronton and Thomas come BACK in, pay the rest of the game and the Kings lose every single one of them. Last night they only came back in after the score was up by double what it was when they left.

    Yeah yeah I get it. Token white guys are flukes and “lucky” and every black guy thinks they’re superior to the white players and that’s a mentality the entire league and America has bought into (there’s some college teams with 100% black players – would that EVER stand at a school like Texas, or Miami U or FS, or Alabama, or USC? Never in a zillion years could 5 white guys at any of those schools EVER hit the floor at one time. But in reverse it happens every single day in the NBA and NCAA)

    • capnk

      So IT is only starting because he’s black? Thomas is a far better scorer and passer than Fredette, and you’re a racist.

      • Sealift67

        Not so. Jimmer has looked better and has made some
        cute passes. But he needs minutes having been a floor
        leader in college and this won’t happen with
        Thomas having earned the starting role.

    • capnk

      Jimmer plays 15 minutes against SUBS, IT plays 40 plus against STARTERS. I like Jimmer, but he’s not giving anyone 20 a game playing 40 minutes, let alone adding any assists. He’s great in short spurts off the bench.

      • Sealift67

        Jimmer has definitely looked more comfortable and
        can help a team that has good depth. Thomas is short
        on defense yet is getting more polished as a floor leader.
        There is a need for a true back up guard, maybe a1-2.
        Hate to see Landry go before he gets a chance to
        see bigger minutes and get his rhythm.

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