Amico On Sonics, Sixers, Wizards, Mavs

Today’s a good day to be a Seattle resident and there could be even more good news on the horizon for the city.  Once commissioner Adam Silver settles into his new job, bringing an NBA team back to Seattle could be at the top of his list, Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio writes.  Whether that’s by relocation or expansion, league sources say, is yet to be determined.  The league is not totally against adding a 31st team and it’s certainly not in favor of relocation.  Here’s more from Amico’s column..

  • In addition to the Suns, the Clippers and Hawks are also intrigued by Sixers trade candidate Evan Turner.  In addition to Turner, the 76ers are also very open to moving forward Thaddeus Young and center Spencer Hawes.
  • The Wizards look to be playoff-bound and are open to making a deal to complement their trio of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Nene Hilario.  Amico says that fans shouldn’t be surprised if they get in on the Turner/Young/Hawes sweepstakes before the trade deadline.
  • The Mavericks haven’t been talked about in the rumor mill all that much but they could pull the trigger on a trade between now and February 20th.  The Mavs feel as if they’re a piece away from challenging the likes of the Thunder, Spurs and others, so if they can get Turner for a draft pick they’ll do it.

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