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Poll: Is Evan Turner Worth 2014 First-Rounder?

The Sixers continue to seek a first-round pick from teams in return for either Evan Turner or Spencer Hawes, tweets Marc Stein of It appears they’re looking specifically for a pick between Nos. 10 and 15 in this year’s draft, according to fellow scribe Chad Ford. Philadelphia appears to be seeking a first-rounder for Thaddeus Young, too, even though they’re apparently less inclined to ship him out.

The Sixers appear more anxious to deal Turner than Hawes or Young. Philadelphia has had talks with the Suns and Thunder, and the Clippers, Hawks, Bobcats and Mavs appear to have interest, too. The stumbling block is Philly’s insistence on getting a first-round pick in return. One GM told Sean Deveney of The Sporting News that he’d be hesitant to surrender assets for a player he could sign as a free agent this summer. Turner is set for restricted free agency, but the Sixers appear coy about extending a fairly sizable $8,717,226 qualifying offer, which would tie up a chunk of their cap space. Without the qualifying offer, Turner would become an unrestricted free agent, and teams could strike as they please without worrying that Philadelphia would match offers.

Still, Turner is having a career year, and was the No. 2 overall pick in 2010. He seems like a talented player on the rise. Let us know if you think he’s worth a first-round pick in this year’s draft, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Is Evan Turner Worth 2014 First-Rounder?

  1. Mando Stay Cheesin

    depends on the team giving it up. some teams like when they know what they’re getting. maybe a 2014 1st from the Raptors , Mavs , or Suns . in my opinion . Mavs because Matrix may be on the outs. and the suns to get a more established SF that can do more than Tucker can. The raptors because they could use an SF even though any team that trades for him has to think about him becoming an FA

  2. ObamaDinoKiller

    In the mode of “beggars can’t be choosers,” he is worth a first rounder

  3. Thomas R

    When you’re the Suns, and you have three (Wizards, Pacers and your pick) and maybe four (Timberwolves) picks, you HAVE TO use one to get Turner. You make the playoffs with him ! And you give him the money he deserves.
    Okafor and 1st round of Pacers (#30) vs Turner and Hawes ? Who say no ?

  4. DieHardMsFan

    Yeah he is worth a 1st rounder outside of the top 10. He is still young and is a proven commodity in this league. A guy that can do a little bit of everything but not excel in anything. Can score 15+ ppg for a playoff bound team and is unselfish.
    I think too many GM’s are enamored with draft picks. Sure this looks like a deep draft but I don’t see the next Lebron, Kobe, Duncan, etc., in this draft (as originally billed that a superstar at their level is in this draft). Everyone in the top is a question mark (some huge question marks). Basically no sure things and if I am a team like Phoenix, Mavs, etc., I would trade a 1st round pick (that will be outside of the top 12) for Turner. The only problem would be in not overpaying for him in FA this offseason. If he gets over 11 or 12 million that won’t be the best use of free agency…

    • ObamaDinoKiller

      if the team that wants to sign him in free agency is looking at the braves, he’ll easily get that 11 or 12 mil. great to be an athlete in this day and age. play decently for 2 or 3 years and get 100+. tim hudson hasn’t made as much in his career as freeman’s deal. hope that’s not too off topic, but yeah, i expect turner to get a huge deal for which he’s undeserving

      • DieHardMsFan

        exactly. I think he is max at 10-11 mill per year type of player. I wouldn’t go over 8 or 9 mill for him. So if he wants more than that than I wouldn’t give up a pick for him. If a team like the Mavs (Texas no income tax) trades a 1st round pick than signs him for 8/9 mill per year they can have a very good team. Calderon/Ellis/Turner/Nowitzki/?

        If Dirk takes a pay-cut they may be able to add a near max player to that core or trade for one (preferably a big man).

  5. Table

    HIs PER is like 13. The only reason his stats are higher this year is because Philly plays fast paced so Turner has had more shot attempts. He is still young but he’s not good. If a team wants him just wait for free agency, Philly won’t keep him.

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