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Wizards Seeking Big Man

The Wizards are seeking a big man in addition to their push for a backup point guard, tweets Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report. They’ve shown interest in Greg Monroe and Taj Gibson in recent weeks, though their willingness to pursue an extension with soon-to-be free agent Marcin Gortat suggests they’re not looking for a change at starting center. Power forward Nene is in the midst of a five year, $65MM deal that runs through 2015/16, so it would seem unlikely that Washington could send him away.

GM Ernie Grunfeld and company are probably in the market for a big man who’d back up either Gortat, Nene, or both. Gibson could fill that role, as he does for the Bulls, but it’d be difficult for the Wizards, who can’t trade any of their first-round picks, to accommodate Gibson’s $7.55MM salary without surrendering a starting player or going into the luxury tax. Washington is roughly $1.3MM shy of the tax line. Monroe is cheaper, since he’s still on his rookie deal, but he, too, would probably require a significant return.

Zwerling reiterates Washington’s interest in Andre Miller, which Marc Stein of reported Tuesday. The Wizards are also targeting Beno Udrih, as Stein noted.

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8 thoughts on “Wizards Seeking Big Man

  1. OBAztec

    Why can’t the Lakers work out a deal with the Whiz Kaman/Blake? Backup big and back up point…fills both of their needs

    • nich obert

      Rather get Jordan hill.

  2. ManBearPig618

    link to

    • soxfan2204

      Ariza has played a huge role for the Wiz this year, I doubt they let him go. I wouldn’t mind trying to bring over Otto instead since it seems they’d rather try to win now than give him minutes to develop (only getting 9mpg). I’d love to let Thibs coach him up this year and try to turn him into a Deng-type player. Something like:
      Otto+Booker+Seraphin for Taj+DunLeavy

      The Bulls take a chance on a young player with a lot of talent and still shave about $7 mil in salary next year. The Wiz get a very solid big in Taj (either start or first big off the bench) and another very solid backup in DunLeavy. They also don’t have to give up anything that they NEED this year. Obviously it’d all depend on their willingness to give up a young player that could be good in the future for help right now.

      • ManBearPig618

        Right, I think the Bulls would place value on Ariza as an expiring though. Taj has legitimate value – I see the trade I proposed only working if the Wiz were to somehow sweeten the deal, via pick or otherwise.

        • soxfan2204

          I agree, the Bulls would definitely place value on Ariza’s expiring. I just think he’s been too important of a piece for them so far this year, so I doubt they’d want to move him. He’s playing 36 mpg this year (and has played well), so it’d leave a pretty big hole for them to fill, which is why I think they’d be looking to make a move without including a main piece of theirs for this year.

  3. nich obert

    Pretty sure you can include language in a trade that you’ll convey a 1st to the other team only after the 1st you owe is used.

    Not that I suggest DC do this

    • HoopsRumors

      You can include that language, though in Washington’s case, they can’t guarantee another team a first-round pick, since the pick they gave to Phoenix could be conveyed any time through 2020. There would have to be a clause in there that would either extinguish Washington’s obligation or turn it into one or two second round picks.


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