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On this date in 1984, Isiah Thomas and Bernard King engaged in a great playoff shoot-out in Game 5 of the first round matchup between the Knicks and Pistons.  King scored 12 of his game-high 44 points in the final five minutes and change in the fourth quarter but Thomas stole his thunder by tallying Detroit’s final 14 points in a span of just 1:34 to send the game into overtime where each star had four points.  Ultimately, New York went on to win 127-123.

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2 years 3 months ago

As a Bulls fan, I can say without hesitation they are one player away – a first option on offense. It’s impossible to say what Rose is going to contribute next season, and even if he’s on the floor for somewhere near 82 games, I think they still need to get a guy who can find his own shot on a regular basis and be trusted to carry the offensive load in the 4th quarter. Until they find that player, they are going to continue to be a fantastic regular season team that just burns out come playoffs.… Read more »

2 years 3 months ago

As a Bulls fan, I say they’re NOT one player away. If that’s what people think they weren’t watching that first round smack down at the hands of the Wizards. Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t have stopped the onslaught by Gortat and Nene in the low post. He could’ve scored more points, but the Bulls didn’t have an problem scoring until Game 5. They put up enough points to win, more than they averaged in the regular season (93.7 ppg) through Game 4 (95.25 ppg). It was their defense that fell apart on national television. They couldn’t guard anyone effectively because they… Read more »

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