Bobcats Notes: Jefferson, Douglas-Roberts

April 19 2014 at 3:44pm CDT By Charlie Adams

The Bobcats face the second-seeded Heat tomorrow in what will be the organization’s second-ever playoff appearance. They’ll go in as underdogs against the reigning champions, but the team has performed at a high-level since the All-Star break, amassing an impressive 20-9 record. Let’s take a look at some tidbits out of Charlotte:

  • Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer chronicles the Bobcats’ history as a franchise and examines the moves that led up to this season’s playoff appearance. Unsurprisingly, Bonnell points to Al Jefferson‘s signing as perhaps the most critical factor in Charlotte’s success, but Kemba Walker‘s progression has been important as well.
  • The Bobcats’ future looks bright, opines analyst Greg Anthony in a Q&A piece with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. They will likely need to overpay in order to attract free agents, says Anthony, so they’ll look to the draft in order to secure young talent.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts went from being unemployed to becoming a valuable piece in the Bobcats’ rotation, as noted by a piece from the Detroit Free Press. Douglas-Roberts was cut by the Mavericks in 2012/13 and couldn’t secure a job elsewhere until Charlotte signed him last December.
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