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Lakers, Suns Interested In Luol Deng

The Lakers and Suns are among the teams interested in soon-to-be free agent Luol Deng, sources tell Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio. There were conflicting reports in February about Deng as an offseason target of the Lakers, but the Suns appear to be a newcomer to his list of suitors. Both teams will have plenty of cap flexibility this summer for the Herb Rudoy client, who’s rumored to be eyeing salaries of more than $13.5MM.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports wrote shortly before the trade deadline that there was increasing doubt the Lakers would make a run at Deng in the summer. Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times countered soon afterward with a report that the Lakers are high on Deng, but that they don’t want to overpay him, with the franchise’s focus primarily on 2015’s free agent class. Around the same time, Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News put the Lakers on a list of teams likely to pursue Deng in free agency that also identified the Mavs, Celtics, Magic and Bobcats.

Deng has appeared unlikely to re-sign with the Cavs almost since he arrived from the Bulls in a January trade. The Cavs explored flipping him at the trade deadline, but other teams were wary of taking him on without an assurance he would re-sign. Deng, who turns 29 on Wednesday, is No. 8 on the Hoops Rumors 2014 Free Agent Power Rankings.

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22 thoughts on “Lakers, Suns Interested In Luol Deng

  1. wilsonrick28

    I the Lakers have a great coach next year then he will be great but if not then its a waist of time and talent on his part.

  2. ManBearPig618

    As a Bulls fan, I love Deng…..but someone is going to grossly overpay him. He’s a very solid player, a good third option on offense, and a willing defender. That being said, I don’t think he’s worth the 13.5 million a year he wants going forward.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Parsons Chandler is a better player for less.

      • ManBearPig618

        Offensively, he is. However, advanced metrics bear out the fact that Deng is much better on the defensive end. I actually really like Parons, too; I just don’t think he’s quite a two-way player yet.

        The entire comparison is about to be moot, though, because Parsons is going to get a massive raise after next season.

      • borsalino12

        Absolutely. But the Rockets will not let him go. he is their third option and best 3 point shooter.

  3. KayGee19

    As a Suns fan I would enjoy having Deng on this team to play the small forward position but I don’t want them to over pay this guy. He doesn’t seem to be the Deng of old which is why Iwould want the Phoenix Suns to go after Trevor Ariza instead, who is similar but way cheaper in my opinion @KayGee19

    • borsalino12

      NBA should change its rules. If a players is getting older and his all overall game is going down accordingly, then his salary should follow that downhill. Luol is 29 and for every NBA fan is obvious, that he is not anymore that star caliber player.Asking for $ 13.5 mil. per year starting on a 4 years deal is not fair and correct. The NBA commissioner has to impose new rules, so any aging veteran should get paid less money.

  4. GOD CHRI$$$ ✞

    Lakers gonna win the chip in 2016.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Agree with that. It will take that much time to assemble a winning team.

  5. David Jackson

    Suns GM may have interest but he is far and away to smart to put 13 on Deng. He has so many options money to spend and draft picks he isn’t that desperate.

  6. Suns had a $1.3mil rebounder named Haddadi and the smart McD. waved him, he went on to have a 20-0 summer and 2 gold medals. Now they have to sign a worse rebounder for $13.5mil! They all looked at Haddadi’s 5-minute stats under Hollins and said naaaa he’s no good, a guy who can get 37points or 25 rebounds as a starter!

    • mmiller54

      um… Haddadi’s a center and Deng’s a small forward… pretty sure that Deng would be a great rebounder for a small forward. Also, Haddadi was awful on offense.

      • Deng is a hustler, like Haddadi or Tucker. Haddadi focuses more on paint-defense and rebounding but that’s because his whole 5-year NBA career was spent under Mr. Talent-Suppressor Hollins where he had no playtime or permission to shoot. As a leader and starter he made back to back 35-37 point games and 25-rebound games averaging about 18points/13 rebounds. In the summer game vs. US-rep team he made 3-3 from 3-point line and beat that team by 20points. Watch his final Phoenix game vs. Denver on youtube. 14points/7Rebounds/2blocks in under 20 minutes.

  7. borsalino12

    39 y.o. Luol Deng to ask for $ 13.5 mil. per year? That is ridiculous to me. In no way, the Lakers should even think of signing this overpaid veteran.We can get younger and more athletic wing for a lot cheap price.

    • Emily

      He’s 29.

      • borsalino12

        Sorry. Typing error. Yes, he is 29.

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