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Alec Burks Available As Jazz Seek To Trade Up

Alec Burks can be had in the right deal that would allow the Jazz to move up to draft Jabari Parker, as Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders hears. Kyler also indicates that there’s a decent chance the team is willing to give up some of the draft picks it acquired as part of last year’s three-team trade with Golden State and Denver.

The Jazz’s affection for Parker is well-documented, as Parker is of the Mormon faith that’s predominant in Utah, making him a naturally marketable centerpiece. The small forward from Duke is also widely regarded as one of the top three players available in the draft, so it’s unlikely that he winds up slipping to the Jazz at the No. 5 pick.

Burks showed improvement in a greater amount of playing time this past season, his third since the Jazz drafted him 12th overall in 2011. The shooting guard averaged 14.0 points in 28.1 minutes per game with a 15.8 PER, all career highs. Still, he shot just 35.0% from behind the three-point arc, making it tough for the Jazz to pair him with Gordon Hayward, who shot just 30.4% from three-point range in 2013/14. Burks is eligible for a rookie scale extension this summer.

The Jazz have the No. 23 pick in this year’s draft from the Warriors as a result of last year’s trade, and Golden State also owes them a 2017 first-rounder. Utah also netted a trio of second-round picks in that deal. Still, the top three players in this year’s draft appear to be a cut above the rest, and it seems a long shot that any team would want to give up a potential star for Burks and draft picks that are either in the late first round or at least two years away from being conveyed.

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29 thoughts on “Alec Burks Available As Jazz Seek To Trade Up

  1. TheYimmmy

    Great. We’re gonna give up Burks and a bunch of future assets to draft someone who can’t play defense just because of his religion.

    • SLCRazed

      Amen brother! Too bad Shawn Bradley isn’t still playing, we could go after him, Jimmer and Jabari, lose a shit ton of games and the fans would be happy as can be!

      • TheYimmmy

        I’d switch teams and I’ve been a Jazz fan since they moved here. I guess I’d switch to Lillard and the Blazers.

    • Osgrath

      You seem to be all exercised over the speculations of someone who has nothing to do with the Jazz organization. You might want to take note of the title of the blog: Hoops RUMORS.

      • TheYimmmy

        Rumors are sometimes based in fact, sometimes not.

  2. Keith Hopkins

    wow…when did President Monson become the GM of the Jazz?

  3. Mr3putt

    You guys are morons. In the deepest draft in a decade the guy is going to be the second pick. Pretty sure Milwakee doesn’t care about his religion. The guy can play. Btw I am not Mormon I just don’t have anti-Mormon blinders on.

    • TheYimmmy

      Neither do I but to give up that much would be insane. That would tell me they care more about putting butts in the seats than winning. I think Jabari will step right in and score 20+ a game. Have you seen him play defense, if you can call it that? He’ll probably give up 25+.

      Of course the casual fans only understand one side of the court so they will watch blissfully unaware.

      • aussiejazzfan

        And that’s it, he isn’t a defender and even though I share his faith I really hope we don’t do anything to get him because of his faith. From what I’ve seen off he team is good (and they will be) then bums will be in seats anyway.

  4. jazzfan47

    I prefer trading Hayward or Kanter

    • aussiejazzfan

      Those two are great and gonna get better. I say don’t trade anyone of our core and Evans

  5. TheYimmmy

    Any trade involving the #5 pick just to move up 2 or 3 spots is nuts. There are guys that will go 5 or lower that could well be as good or better as the “big four”. Now if we can hold on to #5 but trade a player, #23 and a future #1 then I’m all for it.

    • aussiejazzfan

      I hear ya mate

  6. Why would we trade alec burks when we can sign him to a new deal where as Hayward is restricted free agent who we could sign and trade along with the 5th pick to move up in the draft

    • aussiejazzfan

      Why would we even do that. Wow not smart

      • Why would we not do it? Hayward is not a great player he had awful shooting percentages and wants a max deal for 16 points per game giving him and the 5th pick would be well worth Jabari Parker I don’t know what your talking about

        • aussiejazzfan

          Well because he is a great player very very few players in the nba can do what he does and giving up a great player and the 5 pick who could be great for possibly a player who could be picked third or fourth and doesn’t play D And hasn’t proven he can play in the nba And was subbed out in the fourth quarter at college level is as stated before. Dumb

          • I’m just saying that I do not believe he is that great he averaged 16pts 5assists and 5 boards which is good but the shooting percentage is a concern every year it gets worse he shot 41% from 2 and 30% from 3 respectfully which was one of the worst for starting shooting guards in the league so that’s why I say trade him rather than matching a deal for him for 4yrs and around 50million dollars and like you said you don’t know what to expect from jabari when he is in the NBA ypu can’t expect that from the player we draft at number 5 ethier…

        • TheYimmmy

          Hayward has a great deal of talent but one thing I noticed is he is usually much better if the Jazz are either way ahead or way behind and not so great when it’s a close game with the outcome in doubt.

          • He is a good player I agree with you but like you said you cannot count on Hayward in a close game and you already know that some team like the celtics is going to give him an absurd deal that’s why I say you move Hayward, and then resign burks and kanter to longer deals and use Hayward and the 5th for jabari and get some one like Napier or Hairston at the 23rd as a back up combo guard…

          • TheYimmmy

            Again, giving up the #5 and more just to move up 2 spots is insane. If they can work a trade involving a future pick I say go for it. Why on earth would we give up all that just to move up 2 spots to draft a guy who couldn’t guard my dead grandma?

            Either Exum, Vonleh, Smart, Randle or Gordon will be available at #5. Unless someone offers a too good to be true deal we need to keep that pick.

  7. Jazzfan4life

    @TheYimmy such an ignorant comment. Last I checked Burks can’t play defense either and doesn’t have the upside potential to be a franchise center piece and all star.

    • aussiejazzfan

      Mate I think you’re very wrong about burks he’s a great player and can play defense our stupid FO is to blame if the players aren’t where they should be, they employed Corbin and he was a failure as a coach, I’m a Mormon and I’m hoping like heck they don’t give up burks and our picks to get Parker

  8. Adam Johnson

    All you Jazzz fans fretting about this trade happening, don’t worry….Burks isn’t enough of a dangling carrot to get you into the Top 3 anyway. Your core is safe.

    • Of course a player for the core is not enough that’s why everyone is also talking about core players and draft pick(s)

      • Adam Johnson

        If Favors isn’t in the trade (which I’m sure you guys don’t want anyway), it’s not enough….so don’t worry too much about it.

  9. Charlie Peterson

    Crazy story planted by a person who likes the Jazz. Why would the Cavs need SG Alex Burks when they have Dion Waiters and two others capable players at SG? Both are young and I doubt either would grow by playing 20 mins per game. Favors is also young and has about the same scoring and rebounding averages that the Cavs’ young starting PF has. Burks and Favors are basically the same players the Cavs already have. The Cavs have been weak at SF since James left. Lou Deng filled in petty good last year but he is gone because of his age, 30, and salary demands, last year over 14 million.

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