Knicks Trying To Move Dalembert, Larkin

The Knicks are trying to move Samuel Dalembert and Shane Larkin after agreeing to acquire both in a trade with the Mavs today, tweets Chris Herring of The Wall Street Journal. New York is receiving both players alongside Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington and both of Dallas’s second round draft picks in the first deal.

Herring doesn’t identify any teams New York is targeting with the duo. The Knicks have been seeking a first round pick, as well as cap flexibility for the 2015/16 season. Both Dalembert’s and Larkin’s contracts can come off the books by then, so presumably New York would be seeking a draft pick and not a player out of the pair, although that’s just my speculation. The Knicks could package both players and/or one or both of their newly acquired second-rounders to try and break into the first round.

There is the possibility that the Knicks/Mavs trade signals a shift from the aforementioned strategy in New York, however. Calderon is an upgrade at point guard whose contract will carry into the 2016/17 season, and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report (video link) suggests that the move could be the first of many to turn the Knicks into a playoff team in 2014/15. In that case, a deal from president Phil Jackson could target win-now type pieces.

Larkin was selected No. 18 overall in the 2013 draft, and spent time playing point guard between Dallas and their D-League affiliate throughout the season. He averaged 10.2 MPG in 48 NBA contests. Dalembert has played with different teams in each of the last four seasons, and the center appears on his way to play for his fifth team in five years.

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Matt Galvin
2 years 1 day ago

Them and Shumpert to Lakers for 7th and Nash?

2 years 1 day ago

yeah uh thats not happening. More likely a late first rounder.


[…] A rival executive tells Howard Beck of Bleacher Report (Twitter link) that he could envision the Knicks breaking into the first round by flipping newly acquired Shane Larkin, as we speculated earlier tonight. […]

2 years 10 hours ago

I could see trading Larking and the #54 pick for a 1st round pick in the mid-20’s. Phil wants PJ Hairston and Patrick Young.


[…] or he could be a trade piece. The latter scenario was reported by the Wall Street journal via on June 26, […]

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