Lakers Don’t Give Qualifying Offer To Bazemore

June 28 2014 at 6:46pm CDT By Charlie Adams

6:46pm: Despite the Lakers deciding against making Bazemore a restricted free agent, there is mutual interest between the team and guard in his return to LA next season, sources tell Dave McMenamin of

2:01pm: The Lakers have chosen not to extend a qualifying offer to Kent Bazemore, reports David Pick of (on Twitter). As a result of the team’s decision, Bazemore will become an unrestricted free agent, and Los Angeles will receive a cap hold of $915,243 on their books. 

Bazemore was shipped from Golden State to LA near the deadline last season, and he proved to be a valuable rotation piece for the Lakers. He averaged 13.1 points in 28.0 minutes per game while shooting 45% from the field.

Los Angeles wants as much cap flexibility as possible to increase their odds at signing Carmelo Anthony and/or LeBron James this summer, according to Pick (Twitter link). It’s unlikely that the decision to refrain from extending a qualifying offer to Bazemore will be the deciding factor in landing either of the superstars, but the move will provide slightly more breathing room nonetheless.

27 thoughts on “Lakers Don’t Give Qualifying Offer To Bazemore

    1. I totally agree with you man because we have a lot of money to go an get anyone in the free agency everyone wants a taste of champion type of caliber that the lakers have I just don’t want us make the mistake we made with bitch ass Howard Bron and Melo is good for us but if they decide to go elsewhere they will not win a championship anywhere else Miami is all blowing to pieces that lost to the spurs took their hearts purple and gold is the place to be Melo if you don’t join kobe you will be like Barkley and the rest of them without a ring so jump on the wagon because the lakers don’t have a losing record in their history so mitch let’s make it happen

      1. Hey man you have to look at this. At the end of the season, he had to have surgery on foot and we haven’t even got any news on the injury. That’s why I see Lakers couldn’t wait since FA is right around the corner and we could sign a player like Lance who is much better plus will help us quicker.

  1. Lakers have Kobe coming back at SG, and they probably want to bring back Nick Young or Jodie Meeks. Not to mention any potential interest in someone like Lance Stephenson or Trevor Ariza. They really don’t need Bazemore.

  2. The Lakers have become delusional, they have no chance to get Lebron, and shouldn’t want Mello, someone who has some sense should take over.

    1. Al Farouq Aminu is way better and could probably be had for 3 mill. He cant shoot, but he’s a great defender and young.

      1. do we want just a guy who can defend or someone who can score too and that what bazemore brings that aminu doesnt. stats are about the same when you compare them. however bazemore the much better 3 point shooter

  3. None of you guys and gals are GM’s. Mitch knows what the hell he is doing. You all need to calm the hell down and let that man do his damn job. Just because Bazemore had a decent season in a worthless coached offense does not mean he deserves to be signed right away. Who the hell couldn’t have a decent season after riding the bench getting next to zero playing time for their entire career.

    1. Wesley johnson so that offense doesnt make everyone look good. why not bring bazemore back who will be cheap which lakers want good cheap role players

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  5. From Rotoworld:

    “The Lakers did not make Kent Bazemore a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent.The Lakers are just clearing up some cap space here, but they won’t be able to match offers on him. Bazemore tore a tendon in his foot to end his season, but he should be healthy. The Lakers may try to bring him back on a multi-year deal, but they’ll probably wait until the smoke clears on the high-profile players.”

  6. Everybody is overreacting. He was cut to make cap room… like other key players around the league for instance Chandler Parsons. He will be back. His foot is fine. He was incredible for us last season…runs 100mph and attacks the rim and above average passer…all you so called lakers fans calling the move dumb or stupid sit down and think about another team you can root for because we dont want your opinion

  7. Jordan… Lol are you kidding me…? A factor for most of the what, less than 30 wins? Look bazemore sat the bench in GS. Hes a tweener guard and too out of control to play the point. Only showed flashes of skill in Summer League last summer. Not what the Lakers need. You still have Swaggy P to sign, Pau to sign, and most importantly Carmello or LeBron. If that cant happen then you go for Lance Stephenson. Its all about the money for the Lakers and what they can get now!!!

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