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Pistons End Josh Smith Talks With Kings

4:19pm: The talks are “dead,” a source tells Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress, who hears the Pistons put an end to them this morning (Twitter link).

2:29pm: The Pistons and Kings have spoken about a trade that would ship Josh Smith to Sacramento, reports Marc Stein of One version would involve Derrick Williams and Jason Thompson heading to Detroit, while Jason Terry is a part of other scenarios, Stein adds (Twitter links). No deal is imminent, but Stein suggests that Sacramento has Rajon Rondo in mind as it pursues a deal for Smith, who’s friends with the Celtics point guard (Twitter link).

Pistons president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy expressed confidence this afternoon in the team’s direction regarding soon-to-be restricted free agent Greg Monroe, and a trade of Smith would help resolve the Pistons’ shooting deficiencies if Monroe remains. The new deal at or near the max that Monroe and agent David Falk are likely to command this summer would mean Monroe would join Smith on lucrative long-term contracts that would make it difficult for the Pistons to make changes along the front line without parting with Andre Drummond.

The Kings under GM Pete D’Alessandro have been perhaps the most aggressive team on the trade market, and a deal involving either Williams or Terry would represent a quick flip of players he acquired via trades just this past season. Thompson was frequently in trade rumors toward the deadline, but talks involving the Cavs never came to fruition.

Sacramento appears focused for now on proposals for the No. 8 pick, according to Stein (on Twitter), who echoes an earlier report that the team is more likely to trade it than keep it. The Kings apparently have three deals in the works involving that selection, and the Bulls and Hawks have been linked to the pick.

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13 thoughts on “Pistons End Josh Smith Talks With Kings

  1. Eddie Robbins

    SO glad Josh is not in ATL.

  2. ManBearPig618

    J Smoove is so classic Sacramento. Him and Gay on the same roster would be HILARIOUS.

  3. J Hill

    They are trying to assemble the most talented terrible team in the history of the NBA.

    • I think a better way of putting it would be “the biggest group of underachievers in nba history”

  4. Theron Ireland

    As a pistons fan i would love this trade smith needs to go somewhere he can play the 4 with a bunch of other ymca players which the whole kings team are

    • watson

      I love this trade! Im a die hard Kings fan and it was be great if we had smith! Do it!

      • Kevin6CD

        If you insist.

      • guccci7383

        laugh now cry later

        • Xero Theory

          They said the same thing about Rudy Gay.

          • guccci7383

            guess what player that shot 17 3 pointers in one game and did it three times. Thank you JR Smith. You know how many players have attempted 17 3 pointers in one game…0. Hey lets do it three times

          • Dellstoke

            Uhm jr smith plays for the Knicks.. JOSH smith is the pistons player being discussed..

  5. Mosey

    No no no! Don’t do it. Trade those two guys for Channing Frye and Pj tucker.

  6. Flharfh

    Gay, Josh Smith, and Boogie all on the same team? Sounds like a sitcom

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