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Latest On Kevin Love

6:16pm: Sources told Broussard that the Cavs made an offer of Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett and a first-round pick for Love, but that framework is a no-go, Broussard writes.

3:49pm: The Cavs have told Wiggins he won’t be traded, but the Wolves continue to insist on his inclusion if they’re to give up Love, tweets Chris Broussard of, who says that the Cavs would have to bring a third team into the deal to find a workable solution.

2:36pm: The Warriors would be willing to trade David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and a future first-round pick in a deal that would net them Kevin Love, tweets Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities. Still, Klay Thompson remains off-limits, and the Warriors remain steadfastly against taking Kevin Martin in any such deal, Wolfson adds in a second tweet.

Golden State faces plenty of competition for the league’s top trade candidate. Love, who can hit free agency next year, is seemingly “100%” on board with the idea of staying in Cleveland long-term, should the Wolves deal him there, now that LeBron James is back with the Cavs, so Cleveland seems like a major player. Most reports have indicated that the Cavs wouldn’t give up No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins to acquire Love, as the Wolves are demanding, but multiple executives from around the league told Ken Berger of that they believe Wiggins will be in play in those talks, as we noted earlier.

Still, the Warriors maintain that they won’t give up Thompson even if the Cavs make a strong push for Love, a source tells Tim Kawakami of the Bay Area News Group (Twitter link). Thompson is eligible for a rookie-scale extension this summer, and co-owner Joe Lacob has vowed to lock him up, though Lacob didn’t specify whether he envisions doing so via extension or next summer in restricted free agency.

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40 thoughts on “Latest On Kevin Love

  1. Jeffrey Moynagh

    The offer from Golden State simply won’t get it done for Minnesota. if Lee was 26 instead of 31, then sure, but he is on the start if the downside of his career and neither Barnes nor Green have shown they can be anything other then an average NBA player. GS won’t give up Thompson so nothing will happen.

    • Z....

      I mean…its not a bad deal if you think about it. They get the defense on the wing that they need, have great shooting, and then you put them with Corey Brewer and Pekovic already there…Thats not a bad team, and then they also get a draft pick, and David Lee’s contract expires heading into the summer of 2016…I dont feel like we’ve been able to get a true assessment of Barnes in the NBA with the roles he has been in. He still has some potential there…I’m not saying I would take this if I could have Love for another year or get something bigger. I’m just saying its not a terrible offer

      • buffalonichols

        Actually, it is a bad deal if you think about it.

        • Z....

          I forgot they dont have a PG. My bad…but if they were able to get a PG with that roster, it wouldnt be a bad team

          • Z....

            like I said, they dont have a PG…unless you count Barrea…

          • Bay Area sports

            Last time I checked Ricky Rubio was definetly a PG….

          • Z....

            I was joking. He doesnt finish games for them for a reason. Thats all I’m saying…offensively, he could help set up those shooters, but other than the steals he gets, what does he really do defensively, and then he cant shoot, so you just play off of him. He is a nice bench piece. Not a starting PG

          • Jeffrey Moynagh

            Shooting is the only thing Rubio doesn’t do, but he is so bad at shooting it hurts the rest of his game. He is an excellent team defender with great hands and also a very good rebounder for a PG. They also have guys at SF who are decent but not great. Getting more won’t help the Wolves at all unless they can be great like Wiggins

          • Z....

            why couldnt they just be a really good passing and shooting team with athleticism and good defenders on the wing? Also, Barnes still has some potential…Again, I’m not advocating for this trade. I’m just saying its not a terrible offer and that team might be pretty good

          • buffalonichols

            But it is a terrible offer. Especially when they can and should be able to get something better for Love.

          • Z....

            maybe you and I differ on the definition of the word “terrible.” I did say that I probably wouldnt take it b/c of that reason.

          • victor gonzales

            they have no leaverage since there is no doubt he is leaving …

          • buffalonichols

            Of course they have leverage. Considering a team that acquires him now has his “Bird Rights” and can offer him more than any other team going forward, most teams can’t just sit and wait, hoping to land him in free agency. I see a lot of “Why would the Cavs give up anything when they can just wait and sign him as a free agent?” But they can’t offer him a max deal as a free agent because they won’t have the cap room. Unless he agrees (at age 26 next summer) to accept the MLE, he ain’t likely just signing with Cleveland. And if other teams with cap room come calling, do you really see him taking a pay cut just to play with LeBron?

          • Jeffrey Moynagh

            buffalo, you are completely right. Teams like Cleveland or GS not only can’t find the salary cap space to sign Love but they would have to offer him much less. The only chance for them to get him is through a trade

          • victor gonzales

            they will get nothing if he walks away .. and here is the thing folks free agents aint lining up to go to minnesota .. so it will set their franchise back who knows how long … they need to get the best deal they can right now .. the more time goes by the more power they loose…. its pretty simple really all they have to do is trade varejo to a team that has cap space and take back no money like and they will get an exception … could do same with haywood… combine them then boom ..

          • victor gonzales

            rubio still has time to get better .. if you go back and look at stats of players like gary payton, sam cassell,marbury,kevin johnson, it took them years…

          • buffalonichols

            Ricky Rubio is still only 23 (will be 24 this fall) and a damn good point guard. Definitely more than a “nice bench piece.” He is definitely still struggling with his shot, but to claim they “don’t have a point guard” is just ludicrous and you lose a lot of credibility in saying so.

          • Z....

            again…it was clearly a joke…I was just saying that he doesnt finish games for them for a reason

          • buffalonichols

            Where do you get this “doesn’t finish games” for them stuff? Adelman did that once or twice with him last season when his shot was especially off, but the vast majority of the time he was in there at the finish.

          • Z....

            if thats the case, then I’m mistaken, but every game I’ve seen of the Timberwolves, which is a decent amount, he didnt finish the game. Also, I’ve read multiple articles on the subject. Again, if I’m wrong, then I’ll eat crow for it. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong

          • buffalonichols

            I have no clue what you’re talking about. I watched just about every game the Wolves played last year. Like I said, except for a game or two (once in November when he ran into early foul trouble and once in January when he just flat-out sucked), he was on the floor at the end of the game. Technically he was even on the floor at the end of that November loss to the Wizards, although the final seven seconds in that game were all he played in the fourth quarter.

          • Jeffrey Moynagh

            I watched about 70 games of the Wolves last year and he was in at the end in about 68 of them. It was very rare for him to NOT be in at the end.

          • victor gonzales

            you are actually right they roll with barrea to end games … they have no faith in rubio … but to be far they dont really have shooters aside from love to catch and shoot.

          • Jeff Woods

            Barea is a joke LOL. Kevin martin is a shooter So is budinger when healthy. Rubio nearly averaged 10 pts 10 ast and 5 rebounds and is 23. Hollinger index has him a point higher then Klay Thompson.

  2. Jonathunder

    How come there isn’t much backlash against the Warriors for not wanting to give up Thompson but the Cavs are just expected to give up Wiggins for Love? Ugh. I do not want Kevin Love. If he comes to the Cavs, I’m gonna root for him, sure. But I think we should keep our pieces.

    • Sky14

      The Warriors deal without Thompson isn’t even a serious offer. Just as the Cavs offer without Wiggins isn’t appealing at all. You expect the Wolves to give up Love for Waiters? At least the Cavs are getting a sure fire All-star and arguably the best player at his position in a Wiggins-Love swap, the Wolves have to hope Wiggins can be as good as his potential to make it even remotely equal.

  3. victor gonzales

    wolves are not going to get market value for love … cause guess what all cavs have to do is have cap space next season and he can SIGN there .. or SIGN with warriors .. and wolves get nothing .. and will still have MARTIN anyways … they should take bennett/thompson and a pick and STFU …

    • Jeffrey Moynagh

      But neither Cleveland nor GS HAVE the cap room needed to sign him next year unless they get rid of some players. Also, who says he goes to those teams if he has a true choice. He could very wel sign in LA or Boston instead. You give up theplayers to GUARENTEE you have him and not rely on luck in free agency.

      • buffalonichols

        Not only do they not have the cap room to make a big free agent offer to Love next summer, they can’t possibly clear enough cap room. Not unless they trade LeBron or Kyrie Irving, because you can’t have three max players on one team.

        • victor gonzales

          meh .. i dont see how the cavs couldnt get the cap space i mean the only real money on the books are irving and james … the can trade or just let carrot top walk … wiggins,waiters dont make real money….

          • Jeffrey Moynagh

            Here is why they can’t sign him, they will have about $40mill tied up in Irving and James. Thompson will need to be resigned(cap hold of about 8mil). Brandon Haywoode is at $10mil. Waiters and Bennet could be released or else they are each due $5-6mil. So, they have about $60mil tied up on 6 players unless they release Thompson, Waiters and Bennett and then find someone to take Haywoode(unless he can be cut somehow). This means the Cavs simply do NOT have the cap space to sign Love next year, or any other big name FA.
            Now, if they trade say Bennett and Wiggins for Love, they keep Waiters and Thompson along with Love, James and Irving and can resign Varejo. If they try to sign him as a FA he has to take a big pay cut to join a team with lesser players. Cleveland should deal Wiggins and someon for Love and they are the best in the East right away

          • victor gonzales

            i dont think they got haywood yet … and even if they do end up with him i he is probably in his final year of contract … also like i said if they dont trade love now then minnesota will have to sign and trade next offseason and loose all leverage or again just let him walk for nothing …. now if the wolves are brave enough to take wiggins and bennett only for love without a pick then if im the cavs i do it … if you are cavs do you try and get rubio too if they make you include wiggings rubio seting up ,miller,kryie,james and love sounds pretty sweet … waiters,wiggins,bennett,thompson and a unprotected number 1 for love,rubio….

    • Yobama

      In which case you lose him to the Lakers. Nice plan.

    • Richard Truong

      If its just bennett and thompson and a pick, wouldnt they rather get lee, barnes and a pick.

  4. randyfastman

    I read “Andrew Wiggins” and “third team” and my inner Sam Hinkie got all giddy like a school girl….

  5. Any trade involving wiggins or Thompson is going to need a contract extension tacked on for either team to consider

    • DieHardMsFan

      Thompson is going to be a restricted FA next offseason so the Wolves can match any offer for him. Wiggins is in his first year no need to worry about free agency. As if he works out he won’t be a free agent for a while.

      • I’m referring to love needing an extension.

  6. Kenneth

    Cavs would be dumb to trade Wiggins, especially with LEBRON JAMES their to mentor him. Lebron literally got the same hype as he did in high school and was drafted first overall to the Cavs and has a similar playing style to Wiggings.

    Cavs should try and sign Greg Monroe or trade Dion Waters and Tristin Thompson for a big guy.

    The Timberwolves should take the Warriors trade proposal. Get an All Star forward in David Lee, potential star in Harrison Barnes (if used as a Starter) and an underrated Draymond Greene.

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