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Pacers Seek Trade For Goran Dragic

11:58am: The Suns have no interest in trading Dragic, a source tells Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.

10:27am: Stein clarifies that Indiana’s target is Dragic, rather than Rondo (Twitter link). It appears from his last tweet that the Pacers are attempting to construct a multiteam trade involving Rondo in some way, even if Rondo wouldn’t be heading to Indiana in such a scenario.

10:02am: There are whispers that Indiana is attempting to pull the Celtics into the discussions with Rajon Rondo as a target, Stein tweets. Bird spoke of his admiration for Rondo last month in the same press conference in which he hinted at the possibility of Hill’s departure

9:04am: The Pacers have inquired with the Suns about the availability of guard Goran Dragic, but the teams have yet to find common ground in negotiations, reports Marc Stein of (Twitter link). The Pacers covet an upgrade at point guard, Stein tweets.

Pacers president Larry Bird said this spring that while he likes Hill, “you never know what’s going to happen this summer.” Stein points to the perception that Phoenix can’t afford both Dragic, who’s coming off a career year, and restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe, and though they certainly have enough cap flexibility to retain both of them for next season, Dragic can hit free agency in 2015 if he turns down his $7.5MM player option for 2015/16. A significant raise for him could prove a tight squeeze if the Suns and notoriously thrifty owner Robert Sarver want to avoid the luxury tax and keep alive their dreams of adding a superstar.

Bird and Suns GM Ryan McDonough hooked up last summer on the Luis Scola trade that helped Phoenix kick-start its revival. The Pacers were active in the free agent market Tuesday, making a trio of signings, as our Free Agent Tracker shows, after talks with Lance Stephenson had reached a stalemate.

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17 thoughts on “Pacers Seek Trade For Goran Dragic

  1. Slightly biased Thunder fan

    Eh, I’d rather sign and trade Bledsoe instead of Dragic. Then sign Lance at the 2 guard.

    • Reggie

      With what money?

    • Dynasty22

      Who exactly are they going to send to the Suns? Not to mention, the Pacers’ owner has made it clear that he won’t pay a penny in luxary tax.

  2. Muffins

    Come on Larry Legend, make this happen !!!!

    • J-Swizz

      hate to burst your bubble but it probably wont.

      • JP Justice

        Lance is 23 and he is way better than dragic honestly. I would way rather keep Lance, but if we can’t sign him dragic would be a great pick up, but don’t be mad if you get Lance he really is incredible if you knew any basketball at all you would see that as a great trade for you Pheonix.

  3. Kevin6CD

    What assets do the Pacers plan on offering for Dragic? You’re not getting a 3rd Team All-NBA G for anything short of a high value player. They have some nice pieces, but I doubt Phoenix has much interest in picking up Roy Hibbert at $15M per year, and I doubt Indy wants to trade George. Don’t see anything coming of this.

    • John Key

      Yur thick as a brick dude.
      Why IGNORE the 3rd team aspect?

      • Kevin6CD

        I didn’t IGNORE the 3rd team aspect. Not sure what you’re getting at?…

      • AZJohn


  4. Tom N

    This just made my morning. I’ll take either guard, but Dragic would bring much needed offense to Indy.

  5. J-Swizz

    This deal doesn’t make much sense. Because think back, Dragic was traded to Houston years ago, and the GM who made that trade got fired for it. Now the Suns have Dragic again. Are they really gonna let him go a second time? I just don’t see Suns GM McDonagh being that stupid. Plus he is the leader, and heart and soul of that team, I just don’t see it happening

  6. Z....

    not understanding exactly what the Pacers could do…

  7. hookedonnews

    That would be a good deal for the Pacers. They are in need of a PG. Not sure why the Suns would make that deal. They let Dragic go once and had to pay a price to get him back. Sarver needs to figure out that you have to pay your players if you expect to keep them. Not everyone is like Steve Nash and willing to take less than they’re worth for years.

  8. Zak Arn

    Sign & Trade Stephenson for Dragic?

  9. Shane Flannagan

    Pacers need a PG big time and I think this proves that they think they wont be able to keep Stephenson. So they are trying to get something for Stephenson and I would think they are trying to get Dragic or Rondo as they do Stephenson in a sign and trade as part of it.

  10. Chris

    Just give Lance what 10 Million per year. We have no other option.

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