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Knicks, Sixers Discussing Stoudemire

10:23am: Hardaway’s name has come up in talks regarding Stoudemire, but the Knicks remain disinclined to include the guard in any trades, a source tells Ian Begley of

8:47pm: Jackson has contacted the Sixers attempting to unload Stoudemire’s contract, but Philly wants an asset in return for absorbing the bloated deal, reports Marc Berman of the New York Post. Berman thinks the inclusion of Iman Shumpert might get the deal done, but New York would prefer to retain the young guard. Contradicting earlier reports, Berman also hears Jackson would like to hang on to Bargnani this season since he thinks the sharp shooting center could excel in the triangle offense.

2:26pm: The Knicks are actively shopping Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani as they attempt to find trade partners willing to provide the team the cap space necessary to make significant free agent acquisitions, reports Moke Hamilton of Knicks president Phil Jackson turned down an offer for Bargnani and Tim Hardaway Jr. before the Tyson Chandler trade, confident that he could find a deal involving Bargnani that wouldn’t force the team to part with Hardaway, according to Hamilton.

New York is trying to open up roughly $40MM in cap flexibility to re-sign Carmelo Anthony and build around him, and that’s been part of Jackson’s pitch to the star forward, Hamilton writes. Stoudemire is set to make $23.4MM for the coming season while Bargnani is in line for $11.5MM after they both opted in for 2014/15. Clearing Stoudemire’s salary without receiving salary in return would instantly give the Knicks the kind of flexibility they’re after, but such a trade is unlikely to surface. Bargnani would also be difficult to move, but less so.

Trading one or both of them in a deal that nets cap flexibility would also help the Knicks if they don’t re-sign Anthony. New York would still be capped out if ‘Melo signs elsewhere, which would leave the Knicks with only the $5.305MM mid-level exception as their most significant tool on the free agent market.

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29 thoughts on “Knicks, Sixers Discussing Stoudemire

  1. Table

    LOL. Jackson will be a GM god if he rids the Knicks of either of those contracts without taking back another terrible deal.

  2. Michael Nguyen

    Never gonna HAPPEN! No picks to trade away and no incentive to take on these contracts!

  3. LordOfTheSwings

    Ha! Good luck trading Bargnani… He was worthless for the Raps and he’s only lost value since then

  4. The Knicks will have to attach Iman AND Hardaway to make a team at least listen…no way this is possible

    • alphakira

      He found someone not only to take Chandler and Felton, but to GIVE him picks and young players for them…

  5. hungblunt

    Sources: I’m looking to secure Kate Upton to be my wife. Odds are just as great.

    • alphakira

      Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay, Bargnani, Gerald Wallace – all considered ‘untradable’ and were indeed traded. None of those guys were even in their final year like both Stat and Bargs are now.

      • hungblunt

        No, seriously, I am. I’m Hungblunt and fly as fuck.

  6. Maybe put Larkin or shump in a deal with either of them… If Phil could some how pull this off and add another big name for this coming season I would be blown away lol

  7. Scott

    Philly seems like a logical trade partner. Hardaway Jr will likely have to be included in a deal though as Philly just wants assets and a 2018 1st rd isn’t going to do it.

  8. Resneps2340

    Phil must be smoking too much peyote…

  9. What’s with the facination of shumpert?

    • Shawn L

      Solid defender, can guard 3 positions, willing to be a defensive first guy and not demand shots. The fact that he’s still on a rookie deal is icing.

  10. Matt Galvin

    Magic? Heat? Lakers? Bulls for Boozer?

  11. Zak Arn

    I’ve been all for the Philly as a dumping grounds route for almost any player, but Stoudemire’s contract is much worse than any other out there and the Knicks have nothing to offer Philly. They don’t want Hardaway, Shumpert, maybe 2 unprotected 1st rounders and some 2s. Jackson will have to suck it up and use him in the triangle offense.

    • Scott

      Why wouldn’t Philly want Hardaway Jr or even Shumpert? Philly is definitely tanking again this upcoming season and there is a minimum team salary, so they have to pay someone. Why not get someone in the last year of their deal if you can get a young player in their rookie deal and a draft pick or two? I think that is better than signing a free agent to a long term deal, especially when no one good is going to want to sign with them.

      • Zak Arn

        I thought the idea was to collect assets, I don’t view either Shumpert or Hardaway as assets do you?

        • Scott

          Hardaway yes, that is why even single GM is asking for him in trade talks with the knicks, but I guess you’re smarter than all of them. Even shumpert isn’t terrible, but you’d need more than just shumpert in a Stoudemire deal.

          • Zak Arn

            They’re asking for him because they have nothing else to offer except a pick 4 years down the road.

  12. Michael Nguyen

    Sixers want young talent! We already have our PG we don’t need your garbage. Its gonna take multiple 1st round picks for us take on Stoudemire.

  13. mattgrief

    I don’t think the Sixers care about the salary floor, as they only have to make up the difference by giving the money to the players. They want to acquire assets, and acquiring Lin or Stoudemire also might help by putting some butts in the seats.

  14. Zak Arn

    Where are these assets that Hinkie is looking for? Hardaway/Shumpert are not assets. A chucker & a poor shooting oft injured guard? Focus on Lin & a 1st round pick, Nash & a 1st, etc..

    • Scott

      I don’t see how Lin and a late 1st rd pick in the 20’s is better than Hardaway and future picks, which is what Philly should be asking for in return. Nash and a 1st is something worth considering, but the Lakers are only doing that if they think they are getting Gasol and possibly even Melo. In that case the pick is going to be in the 20’s. Basically, you are saying One late 1st rd pick is better than hardaway and ’18 1st rd pick, plus possible 2nd rd picks.

      • Zak Arn

        Did they add in a 1st round pick of 2018? All I’ve seen reported is Iman/Hardaway and Amare. I do think that Lin or Nash’s contracts & coinciding 1st round picks are worth more than the what they get from Iman/Hardaway. For one, the picks come sooner rather than 4 years down the road. Also, there’s always a team looking to trade down on Draft Day or have an agreement in place and take player X for a team. The other reason I don’t like the Amare deal, is that it eats up the majority of their cap space, whereas they could facilitate multiple player dumps if they start off with Lin.

        • Scott

          If it is only Stoudemire and either THJ or Shumpert, then I agree, don’t do the deal. Philly doesn’t need to do a deal with New York, so they can hold out and see if they cave. Also, I don’t think it matters that Stoudemire’s contract would eat up the salary cap as they can just sign other players to minimum level deals. I think Philly’s plan is to get as much cap space available for next off-season and take a swing at someone like Aldridge or Love.

          • Zak Arn

            I don’t think you get what I’m talking about. Their cap space is a very big deal. They could conceivably eat up 3 contracts and still be under the cap.

            In theory they could take on a combo of 3 of these contracts

            Lin 8.3, Nash 9.7, Perkins 9.4, Thornton 8.5, Prince 7.7, Bargnani 11.5

            Or take on one of the previous in additoin to one like… Godon 15.5, Boozer, 16.8 (if not amnestied)

            Or just ONE in Amare 23.4

            Also Philly has zero plans for taking a shot at guys at or approaching 30 like Aldridge or Love. If they targeted anyone next year – they’d be in their mid 20’s.

  15. statsnasty

    The only way Hinkie took this call is if he assumed Phil was holding Hinkie’s kids as ransom.

  16. etothep

    So Phil is expecting some team to take Stoudemire’s god awful contract off his hand’s out of sheer joy for helping out a fellow human being? Is Phil back on the peyote?

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