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Sixers Interested In Chase Budinger

The Sixers are interested in obtaining Chase Budinger from the Timberwolves for draft considerations, and Philadelphia would then like to do a buyout deal with him, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

The Wolves were looking to include Budinger in any deal involving the recently-acquired Gary Neal, but so far there hasn’t been a taker for the guard.  Budinger is coveted by teams who are looking for a small forward to help spread the floor, but his $5MM player option for next season is a deterrent to many.  Of course, the Sixers appear to be less interested in his offensive acumen and more interested in the draft picks that they could get by agreeing to take on his contract.

The 6’7″ forward is averaging 4.5 PPG and 2.5 RPG in 14.9 minutes per game this season.  Across six NBA seasons, the Arizona product has averaged 8.4 PPG and 3.1 RPG in 20.2 minutes per night.

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12 thoughts on “Sixers Interested In Chase Budinger

  1. Why would the Sixers do this? Regardless if it happens or not…why even waste the picks?

    • Billy Winters

      The 76ers are under the cap minimum, If I am correct they must eclipse a certain level of the cap space, which they have yet to do. Instead of signing a free agent to this money, they have taken the route of trading for unwanted contracts, in return getting draft considerations (1st and 2nd’s), they have now done this 2 years in a row. It is apart of Hinkies Plan to try and accumulate as many trade chips as possible (draft picks)

      • Yeah I get that…I’m actually a Sixers fan following this closely. But if I’m correct..they could not meet that salary floor and disperse that money throughout their own players. I don’t know why you’d give up draft picks in a situation like that. Sign a guy to a 1yr deal in the offseason and try to flip him, in that case.

        • ObamaDinoKiller

          correct, they don’t have to raise their overall team salary. they can distribute the difference to their players. i’m a sixers fan too and i’m excited we just got another 1st rounder!

          • That makes 3 now…gotta think a trade for a star caliber player is coming in the next 8 months

          • ObamaDinoKiller

            my excitement is quelled now. from a libballers commenter: To be conveyed this season they need to get to the playoffs (passing Phoenix) and then pass 4 more teams – likely Miami, Charlotte, Milwaukee first. But then they’d still need to pass (most likely) Cleveland or Washington, so the odds aren’t looking great for this year. Def possible, but not likely.

          • I haven’t seen anything about that. I don’t think Hinkie takes on that money for next year if that’s the case…

          • ObamaDinoKiller

            agree but it is the case. i wonder what’s next

          • Billy Winters

            I don’t know quite what Dino is talking bout, but I believe what Hinkie is doing is genius, beyond all the mayhem, he has set up his team right now to be built around KJ,Nerlens and Embiid, I personally think one of the two big men will be getting traded around draft time. I think they are putting their money on drafting Emmanuel M. the PG in China. Thus they could have a rotation set up around him and one of the two big men with any of the players he thinks can continue to develop plus enough cap space to offer 2 max contracts at any time. Think about being able to change the market by offering that. They will be changing the free agent marketplace as early as this year going forward for 2-3 years.

          • Well they traded KJ for an unproven, mediocre PG and a 2nd. Guessing Hinkie thinks KJ will either walk or command something around 4-7 a year. I see the logic in it, but they traded the reigning ROY and a future role player and defensive stud for not much. I understand rebuilds take time, but I don’t think any sport has seen anything quite like this.

          • Billy Winters

            I get that, although MCW was ROY, his 3pt % and FG % were just awful. Kendall Marshall averaged 8-9 apg but because he cant shoot, nobody is really looking to make him their starting PG. I think with the bucks MCW is a perfect fit, smaller market that needs to build around its star players in the freak and Jabari.

  2. I’m hoping that Sixers would take Budinger plus picks from the T-Wolves as compensation for taking his salary.

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