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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 6/19/15

Some of the greatest joys of being a sports fan, besides your favorite team winning the championship, are the debates that arise between fellow sports nuts along the way. It’s with this in mind that we have begun providing a forum for basketball fanatics to voice their opinions, debate trending topics, and simply hang out with like-minded hoops aficionados. We’ve begun been posting a new topic for readers to discuss each weeknight, which we hope that this will become a regular part of your sports day. If you missed our previous discussions you can view them here, or simply head over to the sidebar and select “Hoops Rumors Community Shootarounds.”

Of course, there will be differing opinions from time to time. While we absolutely encourage lively discussion and debate, we do expect everyone to treat each other with respect. So, please refrain from inappropriate language, personal insults or attacks, as well as the other taboo types of discourse laid out in our site’s commenting policy.  Speaking of commenting: we’ve made it much easier to leave a comment here at Hoops Rumors.  Just put in your name, email address, and comment and submit it; there is no need to become a registered user.

That does it for the preamble, fine print, and exposition. Now it’s time for the topic of the day: What should the Sixers do with the No. 3 overall pick in the NBA Draft? Philly GM Sam Hinkie can never be accused of thinking strictly inside the box, taking the road more heavily traveled, or passing up an opportunity to acquire another second round pick. The jury is still out on whether or not his rebuilding strategy will be effective in the long-term. In fact, that’s a topic we’ll get to on another day. But for now we’ll concentrate on which player will be the best fit for the franchise in the draft.

The majority of mock drafts out there, including my own, peg the Timberwolves to select Karl-Anthony Towns with the No. 1 overall pick. Though the Lakers are projected by many to select Duke big man Jahlil Okafor at the No. 2 spot, Los Angeles could opt for a guard with their pick instead. Regardless of whom the Lakers nab, which draftee would be the best fit in Philadelphia? The Sixers already have Nerlens Noel, whose future is likely as a center, and Joel Embiid who also mans the pivot. Or will someday…hopefully. The latest reports have Embiid’s recovery from injury behind schedule, and he may miss the entire 2015/16 campaign as a result. Philadelphia also owns the draft rights to Dario Saric, a talented small forward who is likely a season away from joining the NBA. With an obvious need in the backcourt, should Hinkie go for Emmanuel Mudiay or D’Angelo Russell? Or should he snag Okafor and hope he and Noel can coexist in the same frontcourt? There is also the possibility of Philly drafting Latvian forward Kristaps Porzingis, despite having selected Saric a year ago.

All this and more is fair game for today’s discussion. So take to the comments section below to share your thoughts, voice your opinions, or if you are a disgruntled Sixers fan, vent to achieve some level of catharsis. We look forward to what you have to say.

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19 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 6/19/15

  1. Andre

    Mudiay will be the pick

    • Eddie Scarito

      Over Russell, if it’s a guard? Curious as to your thinking here.

      • Z.....

        I saw Mudiay’s first game or 2 in china, and he looked really good. That being said, I would be wary of his current shooting abilities, especially from the free this line. If you think that will improve, you could say it’s a tossup between Russell and Mudiay. Since I know more about Russell, I consider him safer, so that is why I personally lean toward him over Mudiay

  2. I believe the Porzingis rumors are a smokescreen to try & get Orlando to overpay and trade up a few spots (much like the 76ers drafted Elfrid Payton and held him hostage until they got back a very good return from the Magic last year). Assuming KAT & Okafor go 1-2 and Orlando trades up from 5 to 3 for Porzingis, that would leave the Knicks their choice of Russell (more likely) or Mudiay with the Sixers taking whoever the Knicks do not take (most likely Mudiay). Or the Sixers can just stay at #3 and take Russell. It all depends on what they can get from Orlando so the question they have to ask themselves is- Mudiay + Orlando Asset > Russell? Either way the Sixers have to add either Russell or Mudiay or I will most likely give up my season tix. Can’t sit through another season of Tim Frazier, Isiah Canaan, Ish Smith, etc… playing PG.

    • Eddie Scarito

      I absolutely agree with you regarding the team trying to bait the Magic into overpaying. There has been some speculation about that, and it is something that fits with Hinkie’s modus operandi.

  3. Z.....

    They should take Russell, if the Lakers don’t. They can also trade back for Winslow, or outright take him at 3, or depending on possible draft night trades, they can take Porzingis for themselves or for someone else.

  4. Gucci7383

    Just thinking outside the box. Any chance they trade the pick for a veteran like ty Lawson and the #7 pick and a young asset like Gary harris

    • Eddie Scarito

      Interesting idea, though I’m not sure that the Sixers would want to add two more years of Lawson at $12,404,495 and $13,213,482 respectively. Lawson isn’t necessarily known as a team first kind of player either, and I’m not sure how he’d respond to the rebuilding (to put in kindly) environment in Philly. That could get volatile real quick.

    • Dolphineus

      “The talk of Lawson to SAC for #6. I thought it was reasonable. Two GM’s laughed at me, hurt my feelings type of laughter. Ty stock is low…”
      link to

  5. I think they should try to get the Knicks pick at 4 using some combo of Embid plus another asset (thoufh I don’t know what that would be). That way they could take both Russell AND Porzingis…

    • Murray

      There’s no chance they’ll trade Embiid. Noel maybe but not Embiid. Too much upside

      • I guess you have to weigh upside/offense vs. apparent health/defense. With the ability to add 2 scorers in this Draft (Russell & Porzingis) plus the desire to bring another from overseas this year (Saric, whose transition from PF to SF was an apparent success) I’d rather take the rim-protection plus improving jumpshot and more recent track record of health of Noel than gamble on the upside of Embid. The Knicks however can and should take that gamble. Embid, a 2nd rounder this year, plus the lowest 1st rounder in 2016 for the #4 this year sounds about fair…

        • B.L. Mencken

          Think the Knicks would take a player who has the injury history of Embiid, who might not play this year, and might have health issues in the future? Hinkie gambled on a guy with great upside who had back and leg injuries coming out of college, and it does not look like a good gamble, so far. Anyone looking at the Embiid saga knows to stay away from him.

          • Eddie Scarito

            I agree. I can’t see Phil Jackson dealing away the No. 4 pick for an injured center who may not even play next season. Foot injuries can be career-enders for big men, and I don’t fault Hinkie for taking the gamble. I would however call for Jackson’s head if he absorbed the risk associated with Embiid at the cost of this year’s pick.

  6. Murray

    With Hinkie, never expect the obvious. I could see him packaging next year’s Lakers pick plus multiple 2nds to the Knicks to have 3/4 and then taking two of Russell, Mudiay and Porzingus. Or the other foreigner, the wing. I doubt Hinkie will just sit still with all those assets

    • Gucci7383

      Knicks fans would burn the garden down if Phil traded away a top5 pick for a pick next yr

      • Eddie Scarito

        I can only see the Knicks’ pick being dealt for a lower lottery selection this year, a young rotation player, and a future draft pick.

        • #4 for Embid, 2nd this year, and 1st next year?

  7. dolphineus

    “Best player. Best player, best player, best player. Everyday. Twice on Sunday.”
    This has been their philosophy since Hinkie took over, I don’t see it changing. Discussion of “fit” is irrelevant.

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