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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/2/15

The free agent signing period is underway, and a number of big names have already come off the board by agreeing to new deals. If history is any guideline, some of these deals will be considered bargains, while other will weigh down teams’ salary cap figures like an albatross for years to come. The big trend thus far this offseason is for players to go for deals that include player options that will allow them to hit the market again just as the salary cap is predicted to explode. This is a sound financial strategy…provided one doesn’t suffer a major injury early in the contract. It will take some time before all of these new agreements can be fully judged. But what fun is waiting?

It’s with that sentiment that I present to you the question of the day: Which free agent signing thus far can be considered the best deal for the team?

Do you think the Knicks got the best deal by inking Arron Afflalo to a short-term pact? How about the Warriors locking up Draymond Green for a slightly less than max deal? A different arrangement altogether? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on which signing you believe is the best, both in terms of talent locked down, as well as how much it cost the franchise to do so. We look forward to what you have to say.

Of course, there will always be differing opinions. While we absolutely encourage lively discussion and debate, we do expect everyone to treat each other with respect. So, please refrain from inappropriate language, personal insults or attacks, as well as the other taboo types of discourse laid out in our site’s commenting policy.  Speaking of commenting: we’ve made it much easier to leave a comment here at Hoops Rumors.  Just put in your name, email address, and comment and submit it; there is no need to become a registered user.

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12 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 7/2/15

  1. Matt Vincent

    As a Dubs fan I love Green at cheaper than the max, but the best deal was for the other Green in San Antonio.

    • Eddie Scarito

      It depends on how that contract affects San Antonio’s other, bigger free agent targets. But it is nice for the franchise to have Green remain in San Antonio.

  2. Chuck Myron

    Mike Dunleavy could have ended up with a lot more than $14.4MM over three years with the way the market for small forwards has exploded. I think it’s fair to say he could have at least snagged the full mid-level.

  3. Tom K

    I think the Jae Crowder Boston contract will be bargain going forward. He’s young with upside, and showed incredible progress once he was dealt to the Celtics and thrust into Brad Stevens’ system.

    Paul Pierce for 3 years/$10 mil?
    Sign me up. Even if the wheels fall off after year one or two, it’s not at all a crippling amount of money. Incredible value.

    • Chuck Myron

      I thought about Crowder, but $7MM is probably just about right for him. That said, tethering him to that number for five years is probably a team-friendly proposition.

  4. Adam

    Brandan Wright for 3 yrs/$18 mill
    Ed Davis for 3 yrs/$20 mill

    Both underrated deals for solid defensive minded bigs.

    Also think Anthony Davis’ $100 mill+ deal will end up being a steal when all is said and done

    • Chuck Myron

      No question on Anthony Davis. He could more or less name his price if there weren’t such a thing as a maximum salary.

  5. Fuss

    Monta at 4 years $44million looks great compared to Dragic at 5 years 90 million.

  6. Z.....

    A lot of my picks have already been said. I liked the khris Middleton deal at his max. I just think that’s a really good value.I’d have to refresh my memory with some of the deals that went on. For some reason, the ones that are standing out in my mind are bad deals like Tristan Thompson and aminu

  7. Table

    Danny Green at 4 years 44 million is highway robbery. An elite 3 and D player who’s only 28 years old, and with the cap rising? There is no argument for any other player. The Spurs win again.

    • Z.....

      Ya especially after what DeMarre got. He pretty much signed something that was close to market a couple of years ago, rather than what it is now and moving forward

  8. Jack

    I don’t think there have been any true ‘steals’ of the free agent market for any team (although the Danny Green deal sure is nice for the Spurs). However, Phoenix has strung together an impressive run of signings, collecting Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler for reasonable deals. Moreover, they were able to clear the cap by trading excess to the Pistons. Should they deal PJ Tucker and a bit more , that would leave them room for Aldridge, for whom they legitimately contend. A starting lineup of Bledsoe-Knight-Morris-Aldridge-Chandler could win a championship. So, yeah, Phoenix is winning.

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