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Heat Rumors: Durant, Riley, Chalmers, Bosh

It’s probably a “pipedream” for the Heat to consider joining the Kevin Durant free agency sweepstakes next summer, writes Ira Winderman of The Sun Sentinel. Miami is looking at about $85MM in guaranteed salary for the 2016/17 season, assuming Hassan Whiteside justifies a near-max contact and Dwyane Wade returns at a rate near his current salary. With Chris Bosh making nearly $24MM and Goran Dragic slotted at about $16MM, Winderman estimates Josh McRoberts (if the Heat can’t trade him), Justise Winslow and a few bench players will add about $10MM more. Wade will represent a figure of about $20MM if he continues at his year-to-year rate. The Heat won’t have full Bird Rights on Whiteside, so they will have to work with cap space to re-sign him. With the cap expected to be around $89MM, those deals will leave little room for a run at Durant unless something drastic changes.

There’s more this morning from Miami:

  • The Heat’s relationship with team president Pat Riley can be described as “all-or-nothing,” Winderman writes in the same story. Even though Riley turned 70 this year, the columnist believes the franchise is counting on having him around for several more seasons. When Riley leaves, Winderman foresees a “re-start,” with another big name being brought in to run the team.
  • Miami wants to see how Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson perform in training camp before deciding whether to trade Mario Chalmers, writes Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. There have been rumors for months that the Heat would like to unload Chalmers’ $4.3MM salary to get relief from the luxury tax. Johnson, who was recently cleared to play after suffering a broken jaw during summer league, will make $845,059 this coming season. Richardson, the 40th pick in this year’s draft, recently signed a three-year deal at the minimum each year and only the first season guaranteed.
  • Bosh and McRoberts both looked good in recent workouts with Heat teammates as they battle back from injuries that cut short their 2014/15 season, Jackson writes in the same piece. Bosh was limited to 44 games because of blood clots on his lungs, and McRoberts appeared in just 17 due to knee surgery. That leaves the Heat with no current injury concerns a month before the start of camp.
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10 thoughts on “Heat Rumors: Durant, Riley, Chalmers, Bosh

  1. Dana Gauruder

    Can’t see another “Decision” where Durant winds up in Miami. Different circumstances now — Miami cleared its roster to sign LeBron, Wade and Bosh that summer; the Heat are locked in to some long-term contracts now and there’s no star power to lure Durant with Wade and Bosh aging and having trouble staying on the court.

  2. Nick

    “Dwyane Wade returns at a rate near his current salary”

    That’s only gonna happen if Riley strikes out on the big names

    • Chuck Myron

      Do you think Wade would be willing to take a pay cut if Riley does land a big fish in free agency?

  3. Jeremy N

    I don’t see Durant coming to Miami.. but it wouldn’t be because of money. If Pat Riley has ever been good at something.. it’s cap management. I remember the heat adding Antoine Walker, J-Will, and James Posey with no cap room. I remember Shane Battier, Ray Allen, and Rashard Lewis. I remember the NBA having to void Juwan Howard’s contract because the heat were too creative back in the 90’s even lol.

    That being said.. Durant won’t be coming to Miami because I think Justice Winslow will emerage and the heat really won’t need him. However, Riley loves names and will of course try to get him;just like he went after Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant in 2007… neither would have worked though.

    • Chuck Myron

      The combination of a strong supporting cast, warm winter weather, no state income tax and Riley’s natural magnetism give the Heat a chance for just about anyone, but it’s up to Riles and the rest of that front office to figure out a way to make that happen within the bounds of the cap.

  4. smittybanton

    1) If the Thunder are going to lose Durant, it’ll be in a trade at the February deadline, or a sign and trade during the summer. They’ve been down this road before (Harden). Heat don’t have assets (draft picks) to give OKC in either case. Unless of course they give Justise Winslow and Hassan Whiteside. But then, why would Durant choose to play for a team bereft of talent?

    2) Heat don’t have to get under the luxury tax until the end of the season. In fact, they can wait until February and if it doesn’t look like they’ll make the playoffs, they can deal Luol Deng to a contender. McRoberts, Chalmers and Anderson are getting them nothing in return, and they may even have to pay others to take ’em, a la Zoran Dragic and Shabazz Napier.

    3) It seems pretty clear that Portland and Philladelphia are the only ones who can save Miami at this point, and no deal is going to happen so long as both teams want Justise Winslow.

  5. Gucci7383

    K.d goes to the wizards to play with wall and beal and his hometown or he stays with Westbrook and okc and takes more cash

    • Arthur Hill

      What about Houston? If Dwight opts out next summer, the Rockets will have the cash to make Durant a max offer. Do you think he would tempted by the chance to join forces with James Harden once again?

  6. D Turner

    Miami with its youth and depth is really the only team that offers Durant an extremely good opportunity to win multiple chips. However, teams like LAC and Cleveland offers a chance to win at least one chip.

  7. formerlyz

    If not OKC, Golden State, Washington, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Orlando seem to be the possibilities that make the most sense for Durant. Personally, I think he should and will stay in OKC

    As a Heat fan, there are a couple of players I’m probably thinking would be good fits. I like Nicholas Batum, among the realistic options, assuming we move McRoberts

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