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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/17/15

The DeMarcus Cousins saga has been a constant source of news, rumors and innuendo throughout the offseason. The mercurial Kings center is certainly one of the most talented players in the league and, at 25, is just entering the prime years of his career. He’s also locked up contractually through the 2017/18 season.

That hasn’t slowed down the rumor mill that the Kings will deal Cousins well before his contract expires. Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck fueled the fire today by saying that most of the people within the organization want the franchise to trade him away (video link), prompting Cousins, president of basketball operations Vlade Divac and owner Vivek Ranadive to suggest on Twitter Monday that the report was nonsense. Beck added in his video report that coach George Karl would still like to see the team deal Cousins, even though Karl has said otherwise.

Cousins recently met with Karl and later said that they were on the same page. That meeting came after a brief encounter between Cousins and the coach at summer league that was reportedly their first interaction for a period of months. Cousins had tweeted snake and grass emojis shortly after a report surfaced indicating that Karl had actively attempted to have him traded.

Karl’s reported desire to get rid of Cousins upset Ranadive to the point that he considered firing the coach, and a conflicting narrative exists about whether the Kings reached out to John Calipari as a potential replacement.

The Lakers were reportedly in talks to acquire Cousins around draft time. And while Cousins’ personality may rub some people the wrong way, there would undoubtedly be strong interest around the league in his services if the Kings decided to shop him.

Therefore, our question of the day is this: Do you believe DeMarcus Cousins will remain with the Kings throughout the upcoming season? If not, when do you think he will be traded?

Take to the comments section below to sound off with your thoughts and opinions. We look forward to what you have to say.

Note: Since these Shootarounds are meant to be guided by you the reader, we certainly welcome your input on the topics we present. If there is something you’d like to see pop up here for a discussion, shoot us a message at [email protected].

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17 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/17/15

  1. H-E to the double hockey sticks no. The NBA is a business and the Kings have absolutely no interest in trading Cousins. That is the plain and simple reality. He is in his prime, he is the team’s best player, he is in his first contract year, and the Kings just went through an amazing work load to build a solid team around him. At this point, considering the fact that the Kings (meaning both Vivek & Vlade) aren’t sellers, it would take a godfather type of offer to pry him away from Sacramento. Of course, another bad season may change a lot of things, but Cousins won’t go anywhere if the Kings make strides. With a much better an deeper roster than last year, an HoFamer coach, and an underdog state of mind, I’m confident they will

    • Dana Gauruder

      I tend to agree with you, though any hint of discord between him and Karl or his teammates will create a firestorm of controversy. It would certainly help if Sacramento could contend for a playoff spot — that would quell any talk of dealing their franchise player.

  2. bowserhound

    The haul they would receive in any such trade scenario would be better for the Kings than a possible upset Cousins. The Eastern European mentality of ‘no’ is not a good standpoint for a franchise that needs many more pieces than just a center this year and beyond. Vlade should smell the roses and make a trade before the team implodes, which is highly probable with that staff and roster. Family, sure. Dysfunctional family.

    • Dana Gauruder

      You would have to think any trade of Cousins would require multiple first-rounders plus two established young players. He won’t come cheap if they decide to go that route.

      • bowserhound

        Exactly, so why would they not want that instead of a possibly disgruntled player whom they are seemingly holding hostage? Either they are extremely stupid in the front office or they are asking way too much for any team in the league that has assets and could use an upgrade at Center. I’m leaning towards both.

        • Dana Gauruder

          Divac and the owner have said repeatedly that they want to keep Cousins. From all indications, they would rather see Cousins and Karl work out their differences than shop him around. But that mindset could change quickly if things go sour in the first half of the season.

  3. Chuck Myron

    I understand why Kings fans cringe when they read DeMarcus Cousins rumors. It has to be agonizing to see the storyline seemingly die off and then pop up again. But I don’t think there’s a leaguewide media conspiracy at play here. It does appear as though there are people within the Kings who’d like to see Cousins traded.

    But here’s my take on it: Vivek Ranadive and Vlade Divac aren’t among the people who want to deal away Cousins, and they’re the most powerful people there. I think there will be people within the organization who will make noise — and I think that Ranadive, who comes from a Warriors organization that likes to bring many different voices to the table, kind of likes it that way — but as long as Ranadive and Divac have the final word and feel the way that they do, Cousins is staying put. If he is traded this season, it wouldn’t be until the deadline, but even that would require a significant about-face from the two guys in charge.

  4. smittybanton

    If the new lineup works out, he lasts the season at least. If they somehow make the playoffs, he’s there for a good minute. But if things go sour, they could deal Cousins to the Celtics at the trade deadline. Celtics have players and picks. Two or three firsts, Kelly Olynyk, RJ Hunter… Kings are in serious debt when it comes to first round picks, plus Olynyk and Cauley Stein compliment each other, I think.

    • Dana Gauruder

      Boston would have the assets to get a deal done and it’s no secret that Danny Ainge is desperately seeking a franchise-type player on a roster filled with role players.

  5. smittybanton

    There’s also Phoenix for Markieff Morris, Alex Len and two or three firsts.

  6. Victor Perez

    He’s not going to be traded unless a team offers SAC a deal that’s too good to ve refused. Divak and Vivek have expressed their love for Cousins, he ain’t going anywhere.

    I only see him walking away on his own, he’ll start to starve for a championship soon, we all know he is not getting that at SAC. He might move to the Easier Conference.

    • Dana Gauruder

      Cousins would make nearly any Eastern Conference team a contender but it has to happen via trade over the next three years. He won’t be a free agent until after the 2017-18 season.

  7. hill

    Cousins for Kanter and Ibaka.

    • Chuck Myron

      That would be an interesting exchange of talent, but Sacramento would need to send about $8MM in more in salary to make it work, and Kanter doesn’t become trade eligible until January 15th.

    • Chris Crouse

      I’m not sure OKC wants to ship Ibaka out of town. He’s a valuable piece and they need the interior defense. OKC would at least have to think about it though.

  8. Giant Asian

    Snakes in the Grass with Some of these reporters trying to maneuver trades and get a story. Vlade built a team specifically to grow around Cousins be that some trades were puzzle to get these free agents so trading cousins in his prime is not an options. He’s also fired most of the staff from the prior regime, so I definitely don’t believe there are many staff members that do want cousins traded. This is going to be a big year and the kings will have a strong push for the playoffs so we shall see what happens

  9. Shakes

    Plain and simple, cousins is an all star player, a team USA player, and arguably the best center in the league. The trades you guys are throwing out there are garbage for such a player. Sure, he’s had his run ins… But his head is screwed on a lot more straight then it used to be and a lot more than some in the league. At this point in his career, he is worth as much as anyone in the league besides someone name Lebron james…

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